Replit in Review: A Recap of What We Shipped in 2022

The Replit Team

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Recap Header Image

As we work on game-changing features for 2023, we wanted to take a look back at the major things we shipped in 2022. Here are some highlights!

Shipping SZN 2022


(1/19) Teams Pro - The Replit solution for companies and organizations. Private Repls. Team collaboration. Boosted performance. The future of cloud-based development. More to come in 2023.

(2/28) Kaboom Draw - Kaboomjs, our innovative gaming programming language, is already surging in popularity, but we are constantly improving it. With Kaboom Draw, developers can now adjust images with a click & drag in Bret Victor style.

(3/31) Search Replit - The scale of Replit is amazing. +100M Repls... and growing rapidly. What's even more amazing? Being able to search through ALL of them.

(4/18) New Replit Profiles - Community is a core part of Replit. Developers all around the world, of all experiences, connecting over a common passion for building. Now, with profiles, you can add social, showcase your work, see who else is online, and much more.

(6/1) Generate Code - Tell the computer what you want. Have it generate code for you. A big step towards some of the amazing AI tools we're continuing to build.

(6/2) New publish flow - We empower creators to build. We also empower creators to share. Replit is magical because you instantly have a group of developers to share your project with, that they can run in their browser. The new publish flow gives you more options in how you share your projects.

(6/23) Replit Ventures - $10k for 12 teams. 5+ countries. Access to great mentors from other companies in Silicon Valley. Ending with a huge demo day to investors. An opportunity x`to help developers around the world build a business.

(7/4) Domain Linking improvements - Build and host your project on Replit immediately. Connect your custom domain to your project even faster.

(7/15) Webview DevTools - A new Replit-native way to inspect and debug webpages from the Workspace.

(7/27) Company Profiles - With new templates, profiles, Teams Pro, and the Community feed, Replit became an even better place for developer advocates to engage their audience. We launched with 19 verified company partners, including Twitter and Stripe.

(7/29) Following Feed - Get Replit Famous. Gain followers and engage with your audience. Follow others and see what they build. The Creator's timeline.

(8/2) Repl Identity - On Replit, you can build a project and immediately launch it to a community. But let's say you want to track high scores and get feedback from your users? Repl Identity lets creators offer their users 0-click authentication.

(8/11) Tabs - With Tabs, you can open two files side-by-side, hide unused tools, or even open 10 different shells. Another step towards full Workspace customization. Your customizable computer in the cloud.

(8/30) Heroku import flow - Heroku removed their free tier this year (BOO!). So we made it easy for developers to migrate over. With just a few clicks you can bring your project to Replit.

(9/15) History 2 - Version control changed forever. Rather than a series of versions, click and drag through file history to revert to any point in time and see who wrote what.

(9/20) 100 Days of Code - Whether you've never written a line of code or you are just trying to polish your skills, Replit 100 Days of Code offers a free course to go from print("Hello World") to dynamic Flask web apps. All of this teaching exists directly in the Workspace, so you do not even need to switch tabs!

(9/21) Revamped GitHub import flow - GitHub is widely used, but files and templates on GitHub are static. In just a few clicks, you can import them to Replit and run them from your browser.

(9/28) Splits - With pane splits, you can completely customize your Workspace. Drag. Drop. Float. Whatever you want.

(10/4) New logo - New year. New look. We unveiled our new logo focusing more on the "prompt." The prompt is a sign of an blank canvas and an opportunity to start creating.

(10/13) Threads - Replit is the #1 place to collaborate with Teams. Threads allow for inline commenting like what you come to expect from Google Docs. But now you can do it in code!

(10/13) Analytics - Ever wonder how many people are accessing your project? Now you can check with Repl Analytics. Just add /analytics to your Repl's URL.

(10/19) Mobile app - Coding should be available to everyone, everywhere. Many don't have access to a desktop computer. With the Replit Mobile App, millions globally can now code from their phone with the most powerful mobile coding environment known to date.

(10/31) Ghostwriter - Meet Ghostwriter. Your partner in code. We built and launched a full suite of AI tools, including Complete, Generate, Transform, and Explain Code.

(11/6) Attach a GPU - Using GPUs can be quite challenging. Now, you can one-click attach a GPU to a project in Replit! Currently available only to Explorers.

(11/14) Status Manager - Ever wondering which of your Repls are running at a given time? Now you can with the Replit Status Manager.

(11/15) Bounties - Ever have an idea that either A) you do not have time to build or B) you may not know how to build? With Bounties, you can now hire a developer from the Replit community to build your project. Write your project specs and you'll get a Repl with the project in a runnable state.

(11/17) Filetree - The filetree is hugely important to the development process, so we shipped updates that 10x the experience!

(11/30) New sidebar design - As we grow the suite of Replit features rapidly, we still want the Workspace to continue to be simple and accessible. The new sidebar design has more room for tools, apps, and soon, extensions.

(12/12) Tipping - The Replit Community builds incredibly projects. Now you can show your appreciation by tipping these projects' creators!

(12/22) Custom Themes - One of our most requested features of all-time shipped a week ago: Custom Themes. Create a theme that fits your exact taste, or choose a fly design from fellow community members.

(12/23) Cycles transaction history - Cycles allow you to quickly and seamlessly power up your projects. We wanted the billing experience to be completely transparent as well. The new transaction history gives you full visibility into what you spent your Cycles on and when.

(12/23) SSH into Replit - Work with Replit from your local environment. SSH into it from anywhere. This feature is in Beta, so stay tuned for more!


(1/11) Migrating from Heroku to GCP - It's not easy running 1M concurrent Repls across the globe. Now imagine migrating that entire infrastructure! To bring the next billion software creators online, this was something we needed to do to serve even more developers.

(2/4) New Python Repl updates - Python is the most popular programming language on Replit. We changed the way we cache packages, making it way faster to boot any Python-based Repl.

(2/11) File persistence - In 2021, we offered file persistence for Hacker users only; this year, we expanded this to ALL hosted apps on Replit.

(2/23) Powered by Nix - After a year of hard work, we fully integrated Nix into our platform. This was a critical migration, allowing Replit to support any and every programming language, and unlocking the ability for the community to create and manage templates for popular languages and configurations.

(3/10) CodeMirror Migration - To make Replit more extensible, we migrated our code editor from Monaco to CodeMirror. This contrarian bet has already paid dividends to the open-source community as we've built and open-sourced several CodeMirror extensions like Vim keybindings and Solidity language support. And its opened the door for community-built extensions in the future.

(7/8) Controlplane - The Replit developer base is global. As a result, we are geo-distributing our infrastructure, so performance can improve for international developers. The first step to this was Control Plane. We landed (get it?) it mid-year, setting us up to build out a globally distributed network.

(9/26) Load Balancer - In July, we landed (get it again?) Control Plane. That was Part 1 of geo-distribution. The Google Cloud load balancer, however, did not quite fit our needs... so we built our own! This dramatically improved machine utilization and Replit performance.

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