The New Game: Engaging 15M Next Generation Developers


Jeff Burke

Today, we launch partnerships with 19 companies, offering 35+ templates for Replit users to build with. The goal? Helping our community build the next-generation of projects. Let me explain.

Context: The growing strength of the Replit community

The Replit community is growing exponentially. As of today:

  • +15M Replit users
  • +20M websites & apps created and hosted
  • +10B monthly visits across websites & apps
  • +2B Repls run

In parallel, Replit as a platform has grown stronger.

  • Supports all programming languages.
  • 80,000+ packages.
  • Mobile app coming soon.
  • State-of-the-art AI features.
  • Ready-to-build templates.
  • Replit Ventures.

Every month, Replit raises the ceiling on what devs can do.

As a result, Replit users are building increasingly sophisticated projects. From learning their first line of code to building an app to monetizing their creation. Users are even landing jobs as professional developers from Replit.

The next generation of developers

At Replit, we've always been about the future of software and bringing it to everyone, not just the lucky few in Silicon Valley. We feel strongly the next-generation of developers looks very different than the last. Globally distributed. Digital and cloud-native. Able to code and deploy from a $10 android phone.

Our user base and product reflect this future:

  • Over 80% of Replit users are based outside of the US
  • Over 10% of Replit users code on mobile devices - not code for mobile, actually coding from a mobile device.
  • Thriving community where people share code, collaborate, and have fun
  • Idea to code to deployed apps in minutes not hours

While we have a professional product, most of our users code for fun.

To engage these developers, the old way - things like on-site hackathons in Sunnyvale where companies offer pizza - won't work. Companies looking to find awesome new developers need to engage users where they are passionate. Replit is how to do that. Here's more on how.

Live hosted examples

Ditch the static repository files. Host live templates for developers and potential customers to see the product in action immediately.

Show them how to do it

Rather than explain your product, pull up a ready-to-go template anytime, anywhere. At a coffee shop? Run it on a mobile phone with Replit. At a conference? Send the url to the audience, so they can follow from their device. On a Zoom meeting? Send the Repl link in the chat.

Multiplayer coding

Stop sending back-and-forth emails. Code together.

"Try adding ____ on line 1,947" "There is a syntax error when you try to ____" "Did you install ___ package? ___ library?"

No more. Jump into the users project with a join link and multiplayer code. For a live event, have users & customers jump into the code base with you. For async support, jump in & leave comments like a Google Doc. Spread the love. Leverage your valuable dev rel time how you do best.

User-led features

Engage directly with your user base. Source feedback on your product. See what they build!

Building a Company Profile on Replit

Over the past few months, we have introduced:

  • Followers
  • The following feed
  • Community published templates

Now, companies have a central place where they can build a following of developers, host high-quality templates, and bolster their developer brand.

And today, we are introducing the "verified" badge for companies. We will be validating and verifying companies and engagement for the Replit community.

If you work in the developer tools space and are interested in getting verified, apply here.

18 companies are already verified and you can build with them on Replit today.


Create bookmark integrations. Sort & monitor public tweets based on geo-tag. Even monitor the Replit follower base. See their profile here.

Hugging Face

Build, train, and deploy state of the art models. Use Replit to leverage large language models like image classification or inference. See their profile here.


Passwordless authentication. Immediately deploy email magic links or SMS passcodes. See their profile here.


Payments infrastructure for the internet. Test an instant Stripe checkout. See their profile here.


The Data-Drive Customer Engagement Platform. Create video conference app, send & receive SMS, or build a SengGrid contact form. See their profile here.


Secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing cryptocurrency. Immediately, test & deploy Coinbase wallet. See their profile here.


Feature Flag & Toggle Management. Within two minutes, test feature flag management for your app. See their profile here.

Protocol AI

InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). Instantly test & deploy web3 storage with Filecoin. See their profile here.


Blockchain APIs and Infrastructure. Test Blockhain infrastructure with a decentralized version of Twitter or a coffee tipping dapp. See their profile here.


Scalable web3. Start an NFT collection on Polygon. See their profile here.


Home of the best web3 builders. Templates for immediate onboarding to web3, including ETH & Solana NFT mints. See their profile here.

Weights and Biases

Developer tools for MLOps. Deploy & build with an image generation system called CrAIyon. See their profile here.


APIs for building EDI integrations. Convert EDI documents to JSON. See their profile here.


Open source Firebase alternative. Build scalable databases in a weekend. See their profile here.


Software-Defined Telecom Networks. Relay appointment schedules. Create voice forwards. See their profile here.


A modern runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript. See their profile here.


India's largest community of builders. Organize hackathons and leverage quick templates like Filecoin. See their profile here.


Build web3 apps easily. Create an NFT collection. Get started with Solidity. See their profile here.


Promo Code APIs. Generate and Test promo codes at a sample checkout. See their profile here.

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