Meet Replit Ghostwriter, your partner in code

The Replit Team

A Ghost ... that codes. Today we unleash Ghostwriter, Replit's Coding AI, to the public for 1,000 Cycles ($10) per month.

Ghostwriter makes coding fast, easier, and more fun. Tasks that used to be annoying or slow, just aren't anymore. Your coding, but better. Code with your AI pair programmer, on any device, anywhere. Try Ghostwriter, and you will never go back.

Celebrate Halloween by getting your spooky software creating companion today. Want instant access? You can buy it. Want to try it out? We're offering a limited trial on a first come, first serve basis. Apply here.

For two months, we've been hard at work beta testing the AI features. Taking user feedback. Fine-tuning. Everything we can do to make Ghostwriter one of the most powerful AI programming tools on the planet.

Today Ghostwriter comes with four AI features:

  • Complete Code - Ghostwriter's flagship feature, providing in-line code suggestions as you type.
  • Explain Code - Highlight any block of code you want explained, and Ghostwriter will walk through it step-by-step in plain English.
  • Transform Code - Take a piece of code, describe changes you want to make to it, and Ghostwriter will re-write it with the changes you wanted.
  • Generate Code - Tell Ghostwriter what functions or program you want written and let Ghostwriter generate code to help solve your problem.

Combining these four features, you have paranormal powers at your fingertips:

  • Automate repetitive boilerplate code like function and file generation.
  • Quickly transform and refactor large code blocks.
  • Learn faster and get unstuck while learning new skills.
  • Creatively express yourself by prompting Ghostwriter in plain English to write code for you.

Seeing is believing. Let us show you what Ghostwriter can do for you.

Ghostwriter is your pair programmer

Bring your ideas to life quicker with Ghostwriter's help. Ghostwriter uses code and comment context to help reduce friction, so you can do what you do best... create!

It's almost like Ghostwriter knows what you are thinking...

With a little more guidance, Ghostwriter can even take tasks off your hands. Need to adjust or refactor? Don't waste time doing it yourself... just highlight the code, and ask Ghostwriter.

Ghostwriter is your creative consultant

Traverse dimensions and interact directly with the computer. Give Ghostwriter natural language prompts, and watch Ghostwriter represent your ideas with code.

Cycling through the code suggestions can help stimulate ideas on what to build!

Ghostwriter is your trusted tutor

Traditional online learning: You start coding. You get stuck. Then what?

Ghostwriter is there to help you learn. With Ghostwriter (and 100 Days of Code!) learning to code has never been easier!

Maybe it's from your lesson plan, or maybe it is something you wrote weeks ago. Either way, you may look at a few lines of code and think... what does that mean?

Ask Ghostwriter to give you a step-by-step explanation of the code.

Or simply just ask Ghostwriter to help you get started with Generate Code.

Get Ghostwriter Today

Never go back to coding by yourself. Bring Ghostwriter wherever you go. On desktop. On your phone. At home. On the road. Wherever. Whenever.


For more information, visit the Ghostwriter Docs and FAQs.

Team Shoutouts!

This was a major team effort:

  • Alex and Giuseppe built Complete Code
  • Jonathan and Krish built Generate Code and Transform Code
  • Jonathan and Arnav built Explain Code
  • Muhammad and Samip worked on the AI model backing Complete Code

When we launch a new product line like Ghostwriter, it takes more than just engineers building the feature itself: Jonathan, Ted, Devin, Aman, and Søren built out the onboarding experience and purchase flow you’ll go through, as well as the Ghostwriter webpage.

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