Replit 100 Days of Code

The Replit Team

We're excited to announce that today we are launching Replit's 100 Days of Code!! In just 15 minutes a day, you will build real world projects every day, totaling up to - you guessed it - 100 projects!

In this course you will learn from Replit's own master teacher, David Morgan! He makes each day engaging and, honestly, hilarious! You'll be coding alongside like minded people, who may be starting their own coding journey just like you. You will develop a daily habit, shake off any fear of coding, forge new friendships, play your own multiplayer games with each other, and just have fun with Replit's vibrant community.

Come join us to start building websites, create games, generate apps, learn automation, data science and much more! Oh and don't forget to invite your friends with this link

If you are still in doubt, here are five reasons you should try Replit's version of 100 days of code :

  • It is literally only 15 minutes a day. Within 90 seconds on day 1 you will be running code like the cool kids and have a working project to brag about each day. Coding will become a daily habit for you — a habit that you can easily maintain after you’ve finished the #replit100daysofcode challenge.
  • It's all in one place. No more switching between tabs to code and see the tutorials. Replit has the code editor, unlimited programming languages, and now a tutorial pane with a video and written tutorial right next to your coding editor. Everything is on one screen! And, of course, our multi-player and collaborative features allow you to code alongside others no matter where they are.
  • Live Support. Coding courses can be tricky if you're stuck or don't quite understand a concept. Replit offers live support with our new Replit 101 workshop. Whether you have a question about the 100 days course, want to know how to use Replit, need help debugging your code or just want to meet David Morgan, this is the place for you (and it's free!).
  • Replit is a community. Not only can you code in any programming language without any set up (and from any device), Replit is also special because Replit is a community. Publishing your code, liking, commenting, following other users, and remixing other people's code are just a few ways the Replit Community is so unique. Spice up your profile by pinning Repls and check out what's trending in the Community. Don't forget to join our Replit online community and our Discord channel to collaborate and build community with fellow coders.
  • It's made for all coding levels - beginner, intermediate or advanced! We hear you, advanced coders. As we launch later parts of the course, you will find options for branching off into other languages and specialities. This is a perfect option for coders who want to skip the basics and dive right into the advanced bits. As you advance your coding chops you may even start building profit generating apps and websites - there are no limits to what you can do!

Sign up here for Replit's 100 Days of Code and invite your friends with this link

Part of the fun is sharing your commitment to coding with the world. So don't forget to post your 100 day journey on social media by using the hashtag #Replit100DaysOfCode.

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