Your New Replit Profile

Søren Rood

Omar Abdul-Rahim

You may have noticed that the "My Repls" and "profile" pages look different. We decided to combine these surfaces into one unified page. The new profiles are fresh, more social, and more customizable than ever before.

Go take a second and customize your profile! Add links, a banner, and pin your favorite Repl.

What changed?

We combined the My Repls and profile pages

Live presence

Read and leave comments straight from the profile

Publishing to the community is only a few clicks away

Add your social links (and your discord username) so people know where else to find you

Set a profile banner

What's next?

On April 1st, we launched the new profile to 100% of users.

We'll continue to iterate and make the experience better throughout the year. Some related features/ideas that are on our mind include:

  • Letting you follow other users.
  • We'd like to add more Repl sorting and filtering features. We want it to be really easy to find things that you make. Adding sorting and filtering would also make the experience better for others who are viewing content on your profile.
  • We want to make the pinned Repl area more customizable. That could look like: resizable showcase/pinned Repl area, automatically starting the repl when people visit your profile (so they don't have to click "run"), etc.

If you helped with any early prototypes, participated in any user interviews, or were a part of the explorer beta, we want to say thank you! We could not have made it this far without your help.

If this project seems interesting to you, consider checking out our careers page. :)

Some profiles from our community!

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