Replit is Now Free for Educators!

Amjad Masad

I'm very excited to announce we are now making Replit's Teams for Education product free for all educators!

Replit’s goal is to bring the next billion software creators online. One avenue to advance this mission is giving all educators free access to Replit.

Not only are teachers pivotal to inspiring the next generation of creators and engineers, but they are the backbone of the Replit community.

Replit is for people. Millions of people are already using Replit to explore their own curiosities, realize their own goals, make things that matter, and have fun. We want to give every learner around the world the opportunity to develop coding superpowers, whether their school has a big budget or none at all.

Replit is for equity. Lack of access to education is a global issue. We want to be a part of the solution by ensuring access for non-profit organizations, low-income school districts, and educators in developing countries.

Replit is for simplicity. Replit is based on the idea that coding can be done anywhere, from any device, without any set-up. We want to make Replit even simpler and eliminate the purchasing hassle for educators as well.

So simply put, why are we gifting Teams for Education to all educators?

  • We believe in equity for all learners and the power of coding.
  • We strive for all educators to have access to build and collaborate, regardless of funding.
  • With the release of our new business product, Teams Pro, we can afford to make Teams Edu free and alleviate the purchasing process for educators.

And how will we continue to support our teacher community?

  • Office hours will remain an avenue to get specific feedback.
  • Our online teacher community fosters teacher collaboration.
  • David Morgan is joining Replit this week as Teacher Success Manager. David's a computer science teacher from the UK, and he will support all the teachers in our community with curriculum, resources, professional development, and more.
  • Cecilia Ziniti recently joined Replit as General Counsel and Head of Business Development and is spearheading Replit's Trust & Safety and educational compliance programs.

You can read more about this change and the refund process here.

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