$80m to bring the next billion software creators online

Amjad Masad

Following our Series A announcement earlier this year, I'm thrilled to announce that we raised Series B financing from new and existing investors. This year alone we've doubled our user base to reach 10m+ users, tripled concurrent containers on our network, and grew traffic to sites and apps on the network by orders of magnitude. This is a major milestone for our team & community.

series b poster announcing our backers
series b poster announcing our backers

Our mission is to bring the next billion software creators online. To advance towards this mission we will be investing in the following areas:

  • Build the world's most ubiquitous programming environment.
  • Inspire creativity and generate value for creators through community.
  • Design simple yet scalable infrastructure primitives for the next generation of creators.

If this speaks to you, consider joining our team. At 40, we're still small with an outsized impact on the world. It's a perfect time to join.

Additionally, as part of this, we're excited to expand our giving to the open-source projects that help us deliver on our vision:


To reach a billion people we will build tools that scale the entire globe. Tools that anyone can use regardless of their device and which technology stack they prefer. In the next year expect Replit to become faster, more portable, and able to run more and more software.

mobile coding
mobile coding

Moreover, we're excited to explore the future of AI-assisted coding with a special emphasis on code comprehension.

can't stress enough how much i love this feature 💖 @Replit pic.twitter.com/5tR8VraXBP

— Anibal (@AnibalAndrade_) December 4, 2021


We wouldn't be here without our lovely community. They've been invaluable partners in building and growing Replit and will be a big part of our future. To that end, we want to ensure that Replit is the best place for people to make meaningful connections around code. A place to build, learn, and earn, together.


We're also looking forward to investing directly in creators from our community through programs like Ventures. More on this soon.


Building on DB, Auth, and our compute infrastructure we want to continue investing in simple yet scalable components that let people build and compose software seamlessly. Our north star vision is to shorten the distance between idea and product to its absolute essence. By thinking of a good idea, you should be half the way towards realizing it.


For a deep dive on our story, mission, and what the future might hold please read Not Boring's recent piece on Replit.

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