A New Code Editor for Mobile - CodeMirror 6

Faris Masad

Today, we are thrilled to announce CodeMirror as the new code editor on Replit for mobile devices. CodeMirror is a versatile code editor that has been specifically designed with mobile in mind, providing an excellent touchscreen experience. This change is the beginning of a focused effort on mobile development here at Replit; the editor is just the first step! The editor supports all the features you expect from a code editor, and we're working on making it even more powerful.

CodeMirror on mobile
CodeMirror on mobile

We hope this update will be helpful for those of you who do not have access to a computer but still want to learn and create cool things. We are also working on bringing CodeMirror to the desktop to provide a consistent experience no matter what device you or your multiplayer partners are on. We will see many of the features that we currently have only on the desktop ported to mobile in the process. Keep an eye out for threads, debugger, and more on mobile.

Watch this blog for a follow-up technical post on our experience with the editors of the web: Monaco, Ace, and CodeMirror.

We've got a lot planned for mobile, we are so excited, and we hope you are too!

Shoutout to Anas Yahya, an intern at Replit, for helping us get the ball rolling. Every employee at Replit, intern or not, has a significant impact and freedom to make fundamental changes. If you're excited about making programming on mobile better, come work with us! Also, shoutout to Manara for helping us find Anas!

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