The inaugural tutorial jam has come to an end! Our wonderful Replit community shipped some fantastic learning experiences! Contestants were tasked with building a learning Repl using our new .tutorial functionality, including using the new floating video pane, just like we've used on 100 Days of Code!

Third Place

Bronze Award Third place netted the lucky winner $250 and bragging rights!

Intro to JS by MattDESTROYER


Intro to Javascript - how is that innovative, you might ask? Well - take a look? This tutorial really impressed the judges because the entirety of the exercises are graded and fed-back on in a web view! That means when you try and answer a question it will prompt you with improvements immediately.

This really raised the bar for what's possible in a tutorial, much more engaging than just another tutorial, this entry from MattDESTROYER really destroyed the competition.

Second Place

Silver Award The silver award brought in a $500 prize and this lovely shiny jpg of an award.

Flappy Brick by hogesonline

image Sometimes things are just fun. This tutorial is fun. Fantastic use of both the video and tutorial panes with truly engaging content in both. And you actually build something substantial and meaningful with the power of PyGame means that this stood above the competition in terms of pure pedagogy.

Hogesonline has done a fantastic job here of taking a concept that is often difficult to teach and making it accessible and fun.

First Place

Gold Award Our solid gold award wins a cool $750 and this beautiful award image, as well as the ability to slap 'Award winning' on their twitter bio… although that's true of the other two awards. This one is gold.

Sorting Algorithms - Bubble, Merge and Insertion by ApolloCrew6

image As a Computer Science teacher I find sorting algorithms to be something fun to teach, but it's difficult to convey such an abstract concepts of sorting in different ways to learners. Here AppoloCrew6 has hacked the floating video pane to instead be a floating live website pane, allowing learners to play around with live sorting algorithms displayed visually whilst learning the concepts.

As well as this the content of the tutorial is excellent and teaches the concept in a really neat and enjoable way, if you've got a spare few minutes this week you could do worse than to spend it learning about sorting algorithms with the fun innovation on offer in the Repl.

Special Mentions

Special Mention Award

Our special mention category was for those tutorials that taught something innovative, exciting or fun. They were notable but didn't quite hit the top three, they're still amazing though.

Something Unexpected

image Bash Tutorial by ShiftyBoo

We really didn't expect to get a full on bash tutorial as part of the entries but here it is! A really common ask from new coders is "just how do I use this shell?" - well now you've got somewhere to send them where they can experiment without destroying their own computers!


image Creating Art Using Turtle Python by Tgggsx

Often overlooked is using coding for sheer creativity, and Tgggsx has produced a tutorial that allows you to do just that - be creative and build your very own festively themed Python Turtle artwork.

We 💚 Marg

image Getting Started With CMU Graphics by mmeijers

Sometimes the floating video pane shows us a teacher who we think is amazing, that's Marg, who has the sheer force of charisma to keep us wanting more. CMU graphics basics are taught in this creative tutorial, well worth your time.

Sneaky, Sneaky

image Learn Steganography in Python by TurTiMo

Every wanted to just pretend you were a spy and send secret messages back and forth to your friends? Well now you can do it encoded in innocuous looking image files!

Amazing Project

image Socket.IO Tutorial by TechPandaPro

TechPandaPro has taken what seemed to be a daunting skillset and actually taught it in a really fun and exciting way, you get to build a multiplayer cursor like experience as part of your learning about

Well done!

Great work from everyone that entered, we really enjoyed scoring these tutorials.

You can find all these, and more on our Learn page, but do keep your eyes on this section - we'll be adding much more content to it soon, starting with some new free courses from some of our collaborators!