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Horacio Lopez

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This past year, our team has been hard at work releasing some of our most advanced infrastructure improvements including dedicated hosting and increased storage capacity.

A second-order effect of a more powerful Replit is the rapid growth of businesses being built on the platform. The Replit platform isn't just a sandbox; it's a launchpad. There’s a lot to learn from startups building on Replit. The success stories emerging from our ecosystem serve as case studies for developers. Their architectural decisions, scaling strategies, and innovative solutions can provide insights for others looking to tread a similar path.

Here are some of the newest startups deployed on Replit:

After launching less than one month ago, this startup recently hit $18,000 USD in MRR and 100k weekly active users while running on Replit.

DATA is an AI service that replaces Siri with ChatGPT. With a 1-tap install, you get your own personal JARVIS that remembers everything you tell it across your devices including iPhone, Mac, iPad, Watch, Texts, Emails, and HomePods.

Check out some of the incredible demos in this tweet.

Steve Moraco is the creator behind DATA and launched the front end of the project using Replit Deployments. As a new developer, he leveraged Replit’s AI code assistant Ghostwrite, and other LLMs to build features that would have otherwise taken hours to research and implement. The built-in analytics page on Replit allowed Steve to see the sources for the spikes of incoming traffic DATA received after being featured by notable AI newsletters. Deployments have kept DATA running smoothly as it scales past 100k weekly active users and $18k in monthly recurring revenue.

Steve Moraco - - Replit Analytis
Steve Moraco - - Replit Analytis


Diplop is a web application that allows you to record a conversation, transcribe the audio, and format the output into a custom format. The app is perfect for extracting key points of a conversation and routing them to the relevant locations.

Diplop’s founder works in the medical field and started Diplop on Replit as his first side project. As a new engineer, the use of Replit’s AI, Ghostwriter, allowed him to build features that he would not have been able to build alone

Replit Deployments made launching, and sharing of Diplop extremely easy. With just a couple of clicks, the founder had the first version of Diplop up and running on a dedicated server and a URL that he could share with his first users.

Diplop landing page
Diplop landing page


Weaviate is an open-source vector database that lets you store data objects and vector embeddings from your favorite ML models. Their team uses Replit to build sample apps that demonstrate the power and simplicity of their database.

Check out their Replit profile to try one of these templates for yourself. One of their latest templates is a Repl that connects with an instance of a Weaviate, creates a “Question” class, and imports a dataset of question-answer pairs. Once the dataset is available to the Repl, it iterates through the dataset, stores it in Weaviate's vector database, and plots vectors for each entry, enabling semantic search.

See it running here:

Weaviate create vector DB

Showcase your startup on Replit

For more information on how your team can use Replit to launch their product, reach out to our Startups Team [email protected]. One of our members will work directly with you to choose the right tools or set up your team for our next Startup Showcase.

Happy building!

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