Upgrading Analytics for Deployments

Andy Tang

Nine months ago, we launched analytics for every Repl. This feature allowed Explorers to view statistics about their Repl's visitors by appending /analytics to the end of Repl URLs.

In the meantime, a lot has changed. Recently, we launched Reserved VM Deployments on Replit: an improved hosting service to quickly get you from idea to production. With Deployments, you can rest assured that your app will always be accessible even as you prototype changes, without needing to periodically ping the Repl to keep it running.

Today, we’re excited to announce new and improved analytics for each of your Deployments! You can now find analytics in a tab under the Deployments pane in your Repl. As part of this release, the beta .repl.co analytics page will be deactivated.

Analytics tab

Analytics tab in Deployments pane
Analytics tab in Deployments pane

If you own an active deployment, you can find Deployment Analytics as a tab under the Deployments pane. This new feature gives you access to the following insights:

  • Page Views: How many HTTP requests your Repl receives each hour. If your site goes viral (e.g. on social media), you’ll be able to catch it here!
  • Top URLs: The most visited URL paths on your website, so you can optimize your web layout based on what pages users are loading.
  • Top Referrers: Which websites your users come from, so you can quantify the impact a blog or social media share of your site has on your site’s traffic.
  • Countries: A heatmap showing the geographic distribution of your users, giving you the visibility you need to tune your site to target audiences.
  • Browsers: The top browsers that your users use.
  • Devices: The distribution of operating systems and devices that your users use.
  • Request durations: The time it takes for your pages to load server-side.

At the top of the Analytics tab, you can customize the date range you’d like to see analytics for. If there are features that you think you’d like to see, please leave a comment on this Ask forum post!

What's next?

We’re committed to building the best hosting experience on the web. Stay tuned for more updates, like analytics summaries, granular error alerting, and broader improvements across our Deployments infrastructure. If you have a specific use case you’re looking for, let us know!

Over the next few months, we hope to make your creation experience even faster and simpler: there’s never been a better time to deploy on Replit. And if building the future of the web sounds cool to you, come work for us!

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