Announcing Replit Guides


Jeff Burke

Today, we are launching our first version of Replit Guides. Guides provide end-to-end content for learning new skills and building new applications. We are launching with an initial set of guides in partnership with some of the best in tech. Check out Replit Guides.

Why Are We Launching Guides?

Empower the next billion software creators. That’s the Replit mission.

We continue to build an end-to-end development platform that allows people of all backgrounds, demographics, and skill levels to go from idea to software, fast. Platform updates and advances in our AI features are making Replit more powerful, while simultaneously lowering the barrier to entry.

Another big part of accomplishing the mission is education. We launched a free 100 Days of Code for Python course, and it has been a resounding success. Replit Guides are the next step. Replit Guides feature two current groups:

  • Quickstarts - Lessons to learn new skills in less than 15 minutes. A pre-configured template with step-by-step instructions to use an API.
  • Build an application - Longer guides that go from first line of code to deploying your first chatbot or website to share with friends or coworkers.

Check out our initial guides.

Quickstart Guides

Gemini 1.5 Flash

Use the latest Google Gemini models. Flash is particularly fast and cost-efficient.


Use the power of Groq to leverage and scale open-source models like Meta’s Llama-3.


OpenAI’s latest flagship model can reason across audio, vision, and text in real-time.


Automate day-to-day processes bug reporting or lead monitoring at work with a Slack bot.


Create your first chatbot using Streamlits frontend python framework.

Application Guides

AI Support Specialist - Part I

Use Groq, Airtable, Llama, and LangChain to build a e-commerce support specialist. Part I focuses on setting up tools and making your first function call to provide the customer with product information.

AI Support Specialist - Part II

Build off Part I, but add multiple and parallel function calling, so the bot can create and place orders.

Google Gemini AI: Barista Bot

Use Gemini models and a Gradio frontend to create a coffee barista that can customize orders based on your friend requests.

RAG Website Q&A Chatbot

Use Neon, OpenAI, and LangChain to build a bot that will scrape a website, and then allow you to ask questions about it. Great for documentation, support, or marketing Q&A.

Image2Text with Claude

Use Anthropic and Gradio to build an application that receives uploads of pictures and can return text descriptions.

If you have suggestions for future guides, submit them here.

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