Introducing Multiplayer AI Chat

The AI Team @ Replit

One of our core beliefs at Replit is that multiplayer collaboration makes building software more creative and efficient. After introducing Replit AI for All last year, we heard from our users how transformative AI has been to their development workflows. Today, we are announcing several updates to our AI Chat product, but most importantly, we are bringing the multiplayer power of Replit to AI. We will continue to offer AI to all users, with advanced models available for Replit Core members, but now with the ability to collaborate with others in multiple, persistent chat sessions.

What's new?

Multi-session chat with persistence

You can now create and manage multiple chat sessions when interacting with Replit AI. Creating multiple threads with our AI products allows you to switch between asking for explanations about files in your codebase, generating code for a new feature, and debugging, all without losing your progress. This was a top feature request, and we’re excited to bring multi-session functionality to the platform so developers can stay organized and engaged, all within the same familiar workspace UI.

Collaboration and multiplayer

You can now experience the collaborative and multiplayer features of the Replit IDE in the AI Chat Pane. View all AI chat sessions associated with a Repl, and ask follow-up questions to AI responses. This feature enables you and your team members to collaborate in AI Chat, with the AI assistant as an additional member of your team.

Session management and chat regeneration

You can now toggle between different regenerated AI responses when you switch the AI’s intent or model. We’ll keep all AI responses available for you to toggle between, and will intelligently pick the proper context to send to our models for follow-up questions and changes. With this change, every AI response you receive will be available for review.


To learn more about how the changes may impact you and what’s happening with AI moving forward, check out our documentation.

If you have any questions about Replit AI, please contact [email protected].

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