It's Genuary!

Ornella Altunyan


You may have thought that we're in the month of January, but we're actually in the month of Genuary! Genuary "is an artificially generated month of time where we build code that makes beautiful things."

If you've been a part of the Replit community for a little while, you may remember Replit Creates, our very own month-long celebration of creative coding that happened in August. We don't think making beautiful things should be confined to one month, so we've decided to host a celebration of Genuary on Replit.

On the official Genuary website, there are prompts for each day of the month, so we're also celebrating on Replit! Our Replit staff have made it even easier for you to participate by creating templates for some of the prompts, which you can find below.

We'll also be hosting a Genuary Celebration on January 31st with special guest Saber Khan from the Processing Foundation! Saber, along with Tyler and Ian from the Replit staff, will work through a Genuary prompt together and share other projects from the month-long challenge. Join us live or watch on-demand anytime on our YouTube channel.


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