Bring Your Idea to Production Event Recap

Ornella Altunyan

Last week, the SF builder community gathered for an exciting evening at the Andreesen Horowitz office. The mission? Helping developers go from idea to software, fast.

The Replit team was onsite to assist in evolving their prototypes into fully-fledged web apps, made production-ready with Replit Autoscale and Reserved VM Deployments.

At the end of the night, there were 15 standout project demos. Here's a sneak peek into some that caught our attention:

Spotlight projects

Unfathom AI: This team showcased a tool designed to craft generative worlds for video games, complete with a 3D avatar of our CEO, Amjad Masad. They deployed their static site with one click using Replit Static Deployments.

Unfathom AI demo

Shower Thoughts AI: Ever have a brilliant idea in the shower? Jake O’Shea created a tool that converts your voice notes into actionable summaries and tasks and sends them to your email. Developed with AI and hosted on Replit, you can explore it at

Shower Thoughts AI demo

TelCal: A handy scheduling assistant, TelCal is a bot you can chat with on Telegram to manage your Google Calendar events. Aakash built it on Replit in just a few hours using Google APIs.

TelCal demo

HeadshotsAI by Leap API: Presented by Alex Schachne, this app generates professional headshots. It even comes with a Stripe integration, aiding new entrepreneurs in monetizing their innovations. Try it for yourself here.

Leap AI headshots demo

Link-in-Bio Page: Cassie Chao Leemans from Craft Ventures launched a fully functional web app with no prior coding experience. Using a Replit template and Static Deployments, she created her own virtual business card. Check it out here.

Link-in-Bio Page demo

BookRecs: This NextJS app created by AJ Chan combines the power of semantic search on Weaviate with Replit Deployments. Discover more here.

BookRecs demo

A big thank you!

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended the event and shared their work.

To stay in touch about upcoming events, join our events mailing list. If you're interested in harnessing Replit to expedite and showcase your product, get in touch with our Startups Team at [email protected].

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