Replit Developer Day recap

Ornella Altunyan

On April 2nd, we hosted our second annual Developer Day live from San Francisco. We announced our biggest evolution yet – we’re making the power of Replit available for teams.

Here’s the full recap.

Our mission

Replit’s mission is to empower the next billion software creators. We are at an incredibly unique time in history, where for the first time, anyone with basic access to a computer and the internet can learn skills that can fundamentally change their lives. This kind of wealth creation opportunity has not existed before.

Soon, what it means to be a software developer is going to look radically different than it does today. Replit is not just for hackers and engineers; we also want to empower builders of all kinds: artists, scientists, and citizen developers. If you have an idea, you should be able to build it and ship it. Empowerment is at the heart of our mission.

Replit today

Today, our cloud-native platform is available beyond the browser on mobile, tablet, and desktop. In 2018, we introduced the foundation of our collaborative coding experience with Multiplayer. In 2022, we launched Replit AI, your partner in code. Last year we brought Cloud Services online with Deployments. Just last week we launched Scheduled Deployments, and we’re following up with Object Storage later this month.

In addition to this foundational technology, we want to give you the best tools to create software. From Templates, Extensions, and other product integrations, we want to give you everything we have access to.

Since last April, we’ve also launched 1TB storage limits, Git improvements, Multiplayer AI Chat, the Replit Desktop App, the Figma to Replit plugin, Console and package manager improvements, and keybindings.

Software creators on Replit

Pietro Schirano

Pietro Schirano shared his journey from building experimental apps on Replit with AI to co-founding his own AI startup, EverArt. Pietro’s innovative Repls, like Zing and DesignerGPT, gained viral success on Twitter and ultimately led to the creation of EverArt. By pursuing his ideas on Replit, he’s been able to nurture a curiosity in AI into a startup with multiple apps and functions, all run on Replit.

For more Builder Profiles, check out our blog.

Replit Teams

We believe the power of AI and collaboration hasn’t impacted software development as much as it can – and that’s why we built Replit Teams. Now, you can go from idea to software, fast - alongside your teammates at work.

At Developer Day, we opened up the beta waitlist for Replit Teams. With features aimed at enhancing real-time collaboration, providing instant environments for every idea, and streamlining the deployment process, Replit Teams embodies the future of software creation. To get early access, sign up for the waitlist. To learn more, read the launch announcement.

Code Repair model

We believe that teams of the future will include humans and AI agents working together, side-by-side. We announced Code Repair, our state-of-the-art AI model that automates debugging 20 common diagnostics that account for 60% of LSP errors. This model is the world’s first low-latency code repair AI agent.

At Replit, we care about real-world use cases and helping people ship code. Our unique dataset allows us to understand developer behavior, and factor it into this model. But our model also performs better than GPT-4 Turbo, Claude 3 Opus, and other best-in-class models on both real-world data and LeetCode benchmarks.

This is just the start. To learn more, check out the full blog post.

Build software together

Over the years, software creators on Replit have helped us evolve from a simple coding IDE to a comprehensive platform for developers of all kinds.

We continue to expand our offerings and embrace AI, so that we can shape the future of how we create, collaborate, and bring ideas to life. With Replit Teams and the introduction of Code Repair, our goal is clearer than ever – to empower the next generation of developers, designers, and dreamers to explore new horizons of creativity and innovation. Let’s build together.

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