Announcing Replit Extensions

Arnav Bansal

Extensions Cover
Extensions Cover

At Developer Day, we revealed our commitment to increasing the extensibility of Replit to better serve the diverse needs of our community of makers and all developers. And today, we’re excited to announce a major milestone in our mission to empower a billion developers: the launch of Replit Extensions.

Extending the Replit Environment

Makers have an ever-present desire to have control over their tools. This is true in every creative domain, be it software, music, photography, or painting. What makes software unique is that much of the tooling is itself software, and with any mastery of software, you can begin to shape your tools to your needs.

Making Replit extensible has been at the top of our minds since the beginning. We've been busy at work—we've iterated on our core primitives, our layout system, refactored our code towards modularity, allowed people to configure their Repls, and even replaced our code editor with one that's far more composable, with extensibility as one of the driving reasons.

Over the last year, we explored security paradigms to create a safe yet flexible extension system that doesn’t compromise user or developer experiences. Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts detailing the ideas and prototypes we’ve tried along the way.

After months of collaboration with our community members and beta testers, we are thrilled to officially release Extensions to everyone. Check out the Extension Store in a Repl to use extensions built by other Replit community members.

For those interested in developing tools for fellow developers or offering their services to our 22 million-strong developer community, head over to our developer docs, fork a template, open the Extensions devtools, and start building!

We will continue to improve Extensions, adding more power and capabilities, including a payment system allowing developers to monetize what they have built.

Here is a video of Faris demoing building an extension at demo day

A special thank you to the community members that participated in our pilot program and helped shape Extensions.

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