Announcing the Replit Ventures 2022 (RV1) Cohort


Jeff Burke

With over 150 applications from +25 countries, the Replit Ventures 2022 (RV1) field was extremely competitive. Today, we are excited to welcome 13 teams. The teams offer a variety of geographies (9 different countries), missions (2 non-profit, 11 for-profit), and industries (e.g., Web3, Entertainment).

For more information, read about each team below.

10 Academy

10 Academy identifies high-potential young people from anywhere in Africa and enables them to get a global-level job as a Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer or Web3 Engineer in less than 6 months.

The founders are Yabebal Fantaye (@yabebalf) & Arun Sharma (a2sharma_). helps trainers create in-app tutorials. Its like using loom,, adobe premiere and browser automation together for creating and consuming tutorials.

The founders are Vivek Shukla (@weebhek), Rishab Kapur, & Wales Dsouza.

Coinhub Africa

Coinhub Africa is building crypto infrastructure for West African French-speaking countries. Coinhub Africa allows professionals and amateur traders, NFTs artists, and crypto adopters living in 6 African countries to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies using local payment methods.

The founders are Serigne Mouhamadou Bassirou Diaby (@bayevels), Papa Bacary Ndiaye (@ndiayepapabaca1), Elhadji Doro Gueye (@hadjidoro).


Dialect is Uber for programming help. Just request help with your bug and get instantly connected to a video chat with a vetted pair programmer.

The founders are Ryan Brewer (@ryanbrwr), Kevin Xu (@KevLXu), and Leon Si (@leonzalion).


Flashmates is an app that makes it easier for students to find affordable housing and roommates based on their preference, interests and needs in a more simpler and efficient way.

The founder is Amrth Ashok Shenava (@0xastro98).


Jamit is an all-in-one platform empowering creators with tools to go from creation to monetization easily and for users to discover amazing content, support the creators behind them, and get rewarded for it, all using the power of web3.

The founders are Ike Orizu (@ikeorizu)and Stanley Agbadugo.


LunaDesk is a next-generation scheduling tool, built from the ground-up around the three core principles of unparalleled visibility, true productivity, and meeting positivity, to provide you with the tools needed to unlock your team's Hybrid Harmony.

The founders are Josh Cawthorne (@cawthornejosh), Jonny Adamson, and Will Lilley.


Mentee is an integrated platform for tutoring created by students for students. Our platform takes care of tutor promotion, asynchronous class scheduling, in-app messaging, and payments making it effortless to start learning or teaching.

The founders are Wiktor Gala (@simplywiktor) and Szymon Malinka (@szymon_malinka).


Passage supercharges your Web3 recruiting and hiring process, helping you surface and hire top talent.

The founders are Caelin Sutch (@Caelin_sutch) & Christina Guo (@christinaguo16).


Polyglot enables content creators to seamlessly translate their video content into 10+ languages using the latest innovations in AI audio processing and neural voice synthesis.

The founders are Yanni Kouloumbis (@YKouloumbis) & Nolan Clement (@nolanclement6).


Relearn is on a mission to get kids to become more comfortable with technology at a young age, so that as adults, they can continue to innovate and shape our world.

Relearn wants to make Programming accessible and possible for all kids in underrepresented communities. Learning to code can change lives, but most kids in the developing world have no chance to do so.

The founders are Akpobi Oghenemaro & Eseoghene Akpobi.


Taga is a mutually beneficial ecosystem where private equity and public capital can interact seamlessly. Startups get recurring revenue, fractional valuations to aid future investments, easy access to funding, and a strong community of stakeholders. Shareholders get quick liquidity and help with option exercising, and investors get unique investment opportunities in vetted private companies with huge growth potential.

The founders are Reid Carolan (@ReidCarolan) & Pranav Hegde (@_n_variable).


Unicodemy really cares about kids discovering their best and that's what we stand for. Unicodemy offers online workshops and bootcamps for kids aged 8–15 to develop skills for the jobs of the future with an effortless curriculum.

Founders are Vicky Huang (@msvickyhuang), Gabriela Choque (@gabyn366), Erwin Ajhuacho (@winn92e), and Pamela Gonzales (@10pamela20).

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