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The Replit platform isn't just a sandbox; it's a launchpad. There’s a lot to learn from startups building on Replit and how they leverage the platform to monetize and grow.

Whether it’s a solo developer bootstrapping their startup on Bounties, or a startup launching their application on Replit Deployments, Replit is the best place to go from idea to software, fast.

Here are a few companies building and shipping on Replit today.

Sweet Dreams

When Marwan’s younger brother was diagnosed with diabetes, his family was faced with a lot of new lifestyle changes and practices to ensure his brother’s well-being. One of the most important daily tasks is tracking his blood sugar level. If you or a loved one has diabetes, you know blood sugar level is one of the most important numbers to be tracking consistently throughout the day.

Soon after the diagnosis, Marwan’s family group chat was filled with texts and screenshots of blood sugar numbers. Marwan and his wife Salwa set out to simplify this tracking and make family life easier with their app – Sweet Dreams.

Sweet Dreams is an iOS app that makes it incredibly easy for people with diabetes to monitor their blood sugar levels by showing real-time readings on the Lock Screen, Dynamic Island, and Apple Watch. Marwan is an iOS developer, so the front end of the app is built in Swift for iOS. The back end is built on Replit and hosted on Replit Deployments.

Marwan had tried other database and hosting services, but the local setup was too tedious and complex as he built the MVP. With Replit, he could start in minutes and continue to scale as Sweet Dreams usage grows.

Today, Sweet Dreams tracks blood sugar levels for hundreds of people with diabetes and their families. The team also recently discovered that some members are using Sweet Dreams to track the blood sugar levels of their pets!

Export My Base

Picture this: you need a simple software tool for a redundant task you and your team are bottlenecked by. Maybe it’s a web app to help with some data cleaning, or perhaps it’s a custom AI chatbot with context to some niche knowledge. No matter how niche the tool may be, chances are, there may be a market of “yous” out there ready to buy.

That’s exactly what happened to Andrew Davison. A few months ago, Andrew needed a way to export all his Airtable tables into a CSV. The standard process was manual, and he had a lot of tables to export, but he wasn’t about to purchase a whole SaaS subscription when all he needed was one feature.

Andrew got to work and, with the help of Replit AI, built Export My Base.

Export My Base launch tweet

After launching the tool for free and getting a few users, Andrew thought that was the end of the story for the app… until he was approached with an acquisition offer by Borderline, a marketplace that buys and lists businesses even if they are pre-revenue. Andrew took the offer to give Export My Base a new home, and the tool is now listed on Boderline.

Export My Base launch tweet

Since Export My Base is built and hosted on Replit, the technical exchange to the buyer was also simple. All Andrew had to do was share a link to the project on Replit. After a few clicks, the buyer had ownership of the entire, runnable codebase.

Showcase your startup on Replit

For more information on how your team can use Replit to launch their product, reach out to our Startups Team ([email protected]). One of our members will work directly with you to choose the right tools or set up your team for our next Startup Showcase.

Happy building!

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