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The Replit platform isn't just a sandbox; it's a launchpad. There’s a lot to learn from startups building on Replit and how they leverage the platform to monetize and grow.

Whether it’s a solo developer bootstrapping their startup on Bounties, or a startup launching their application on Replit Deployments, Replit is the best place to get from idea to software, fast.

Here are a few companies building and shipping on Replit today.


The last thing financial traders want to do is spend hours learning how to set up a development environment just to deploy a trading algorithm. Why can’t writing code for a new algorithm be as easy as writing in a Google Doc? These were the questions Robert Grzesik had when starting his company Lumiwealth. With Replit, he could onboard hundreds of students into the real work of developing trading algorithms rather than lose much of his community in the complexity of setting up a development environment.

Lumiwealth home page
Lumiwealth home page

Lumiwealth is an online community and course that teaches people how to code and deploy trading algorithms for public equities. Because many of Lumiwealth’s members are not professional software engineers, Replit has been imperative in getting members started without any technical setup while following Robert’s guides. And with Replit Deployments, their algorithms can be live with just a few clicks.

Lumiwealth bot Replit template fork

Zima Media

In any client services business, process complexity is inevitable. From service fulfillment to client relations, it takes a constant effort to document standard procedures and align everyone on your team. After working with over 3,000 clients in 100 countries, Zima Media is no stranger to process complexity.

Mike Zima, Co-founder and CMO of Zima Media, has always taken these challenges head-on and adopted technology to automate as much as possible to increase his team’s output. Over the past year, Replit has become a necessary tool in this quest for efficiency.

For example, web scraping and data collection are Zima Media’s most requested services. Zima collects unstructured data for their clients and compiles results into well-formatted documents or database entries. Mike created a script hosted in Replit that automatically routes web scraped results into Google Workspace or shared Airtable databases. This process saves hundreds of hours of work per month and hundreds of dollars that would have been spent on no-code automation tools.

When they’re not scraping websites, Zima Media’s team is building them. Zima also uses Replit to deploy static websites for clients. Rather than use expensive no-code site builders, the Zima team uses Replit Deployments to deploy static websites on behalf of clients, bringing their cost per website down from hundreds of dollars a month to as low as $7 / month.

Mike and his team are also using Replit to develop a cookieless tracking and data attribution tool. They are creating a new, watered-down pixel and CRM for SMBs to track their ad marketing dollars in light of recent privacy and advertising regulations. Similar software tools have priced themselves out of the SMB market, and Zima Media sees a vacuum to fill.

Whatever they build next, Zima Media will continue to ship fast using Replit.

“Replit is going to help us build the pipes without breaking the bank for SMBs." – Mike Zima, CMO of Zima Media
Zima Media home page
Zima Media home page

Showcase your startup on Replit

For more information on how your team can use Replit to launch their product, reach out to our Startups Team ([email protected]). One of our members will work directly with you to choose the right tools or set up your team for our next Startup Showcase.

Happy building!

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