A Few Updates in the Workspace

Mason Clayton

We strive to make the workspace as useful as possible while keeping it intuitive and approachable. We get a crazy number of requests for features every day, not to mention our own ideas. It becomes a challenging balance between feature creep and simplicity. Lately we've added a few of these features that we hope you'll find useful and, if not, you won't even notice they're there.

Formatting in Javascript

Javascript is the first language where we've introduced an automatic formatter. If you click the icon we'll run your code through prettier which reprints your code in a consistent style. We've already been using prettier internally since it first came out in and it has been a huge win. We'll be rolling out formatters for other languages in the future.

Uploading Files

We now support upload any file off your computer and into the workspace. This includes images which will be displayed as you'd expect. For example, you could write a program which takes an image and turns it into a rotating gif. Then upload an image of your choice, click run, and out pops the result: (you can try it out for yourself here)

uploading files
uploading files

Downloading Files

If you've ever wanted to work on your repl outside of Replit, or take what you've built and deploy it. Well now you can. Any file in your repl can be downloaded on to your computer. Uploading really wouldn't be complete without it.

downloading files
downloading files

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