Transitioning to Replit Core

The Replit Team

Last week, we launched Replit Core - a singular membership plan that represents the end-to-end software builder experience. We heard a lot of excitement and questions, so we wanted to clarify Replit’s new membership model and what that means for Replit moving forward.

We value our existing community that grew Replit to be the world's largest community of software builders, where anyone can create and learn how to go from idea to software. Along with last week's announcement, we wanted to honor your commitment to us by letting you keep your current monthly price. You will be upgraded to Replit Core for the remainder of your current subscription term. At this time, if you are on auto-renew, the next renewal will be at your current Hacker rate.

In addition, members with a monthly Pro plan who would like to upgrade to Replit Core with our promotional pricing can now do so by visiting and selecting ‘Switch to yearly payment ($120)’. This will automatically cancel their current plan and switch them to the annual plan at the promotional rate.

We’re on a mission to empower the next billion software creators and we’re excited about bringing the best of Replit under a unified membership plan. We firmly believe that $20 per month / $220 per year represents the best value in software development, and we aim to continue building on that value with your feedback in mind. For more information, check out the breakdown.

Over the next few months, we will explore enhancements to the Replit workspace, AI, and Deployments improvements. We will pursue partnerships with other platforms to bring Replit members even more value. One of these perks is available today where Replit Core members enjoy a complimentary 4-month subscription to Perplexity Pro.

Thanks for being a part of our builder journey as we continue to support yours.

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