Replit Core: Go from idea to software, fast

The Replit Team

The Replit Core subscription is the best developer tool subscription in the market to go idea to software, fast. And it is the most valuable. A similar dev environment can cost up to 10x more on GitHub Codespaces, and a high usage app will get crushed with overages 3-4x more expensive on Vercel (source).

This end-to-end offering makes Replit Core the best subscription to build and launch your business. has gone from first line to +$200k ARR, and as founder, Steve Moraco says:

"I don't think I would ever be able to complete a project like this without Replit. I started not knowing anything about web development, or even GitHub for that matter, and I've sort of just learned one skill at a time. I’ve gone from knowing almost nothing about technical development, to building a business and earning money" - Steve Moraco

The Core bundle includes:

  • 8 GiB RAM & 4 vCPU cloud-based development environment with no limits on usage, giving a powerful building experience
  • Replit AI, powered by market-leading models (currently GPT-4). Debug, autocomplete, and turn natural language into code with one-click.
  • Autoscale deployments allocation of six million compute units. This should cover up to ~10 projects per month. Automatically monitor your apps and adjust capacity on the fly. Always maintain steady performance at the lowest cost.
  • Generous limits on network bandwidth (100 GiB) and storage (50 GiB)
  • Additional features like SSH and private Repls
  • Exclusive membership perks such as access to advanced language models and monthly allotment for PostgreSQL

From your first line of code to launching your business. Available in one place. One login. One subscription. Transparent and scalable. Most importantly, Replit Core is just more valuable.

Comparing Pro plan to competitors
Comparing Pro plan to competitors

In any other scenario, you would have multiple vendors, logins, and subscriptions to accomplish this. And in the end, you would have more friction, and it would ultimately be much more expensive.

The collection of these tools would be +$35/mo. In some cases, much more. Replit Core gives you more power and resources for $20/mo.

Build something great. Try out Replit Core today.

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