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The Replit platform isn't just a sandbox; it's a launchpad. There’s a lot to learn from startups building on Replit and how they leverage the platform to monetize and grow.

Whether it’s a solo developer bootstrapping their startup on Bounties, or a startup launching their production application on Replit Deployments, the businesses on Replit demonstrate that Replit is the best place for iteration and feedback cycles to carry a project from idea to software, fast.

Here are a few companies building and shipping on Replit today.


Superagent is an open-source framework that enables developers to integrate AI Assistants into any application in a matter of minutes. With Superagent’s library, you can build an AI assistant that browses the web, reviews pull requests, or executes code on your behalf.

Superagent is open-source and recently added Replit’s code-exec library release into its core framework for code execution. The team deployed the tool using Replit Autoscale Deployments, and placed the code in a Repl to enable anyone in the open-source community to fork, customize, and deploy the agent themselves.

You can build your own Superagent here. Once your agent is ready, combining your product with Replit Autoscale Deployments is recommended to ensure your AI assistants can handle varying workloads and manage hosting costs based on usage.


If you’ve tried using ChatGPT to generate specific or niche outputs, your results may have been inaccurate or too general. With the right prompt, however, you can get an AI assistant to output specific, formatted results to create anything from legal copy to scientific research.

PromptFinder is a new website for discovering, testing, and requesting the best prompts for LLMs and general AI assistants. You can find a few examples on their website and use a sandbox to test the prompts for yourself. If you can’t find a prompt you need, you can request one from the PromptFinder team, who will create a custom one for you!

This app recently launched and is hosted on Replit Deployments. Guatam Anand and King-Diorr, the builders behind the project, plan on opening up the site as a marketplace to allow anyone to list and sell their prompts.

Demo of PromptFinder

Showcase your startup on Replit

For more information on how your team can use Replit to launch their product, reach out to our Startups Team ([email protected]). One of our members will work directly with you to choose the right tools or set up your team for our next Startup Showcase.

Happy building!

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