Announcing Replit Reps Cohort 2

Ornella Altunyan

Applications are now open for the Spring 2023 cohort of Replit Reps, which will kick off in February 2023!

For those who aren't familiar, Replit Reps are Replit’s community ambassadors. They’re passionate about making programming fun, accessible, and exciting! They enjoy making awesome projects and sharing their skills. They believe that Replit and coding is for everyone, and that anyone should be able to make something great in a judgement-free zone. Plus, they’re excited to work with our team.

Being a Replit Rep is an exclusive opportunity to connect with the Replit team, builders who use Replit, and other leaders outside of your own communities. It's super fun to be a Rep, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility - you'll be a role model for your community, as well as for new folks building on Replit. As a Rep, you'll teach and share Replit through events and content creation - we'll support you in growing skills you're interested in, but you can use any format you prefer - livestreaming on your YouTube channel, sharing on social media, publishing your repls to Community, or whatever else floats your boat!

It also comes with a bunch of perks, like earning Cycles by positively contributing to the community, growing your online presence and personal brand, connecting with other leaders in private Discord and Slack channels, getting exclusive access to new features and beta testing, and more!

For more information and to apply, check out the website.

Still wondering why you should apply? Let's hear from our very first class of Reps about their experience:


👋 Hallo! I'm DillonB07 and I've really enjoyed being a Rep this cohort. You may know me from hosting the monthly Replit Showcase with TechPanda.

I've loved being a Rep because I've gotten to collaborate with others, and it's also helped to build skills that will be really helpful later in life such as communication, planning and teamwork. Not to mention the most important thing: it's been fun! I've been trying new things that I would never have tried if I hadn't become a Rep. Overall, it's a great experience and something I'll definitely remember. We've also had great workshops such as learning about marketing with Conner (Schafer) and event planning with Lena! My favourite thing is the Replit Showcase which I've done each month and I would love to see continued with the next cohort. It was inspired by the Replit Creates showcases which both me and TechPanda loved and wanted to continue with!

I definitely recommend you apply for the next cohort if you love Replit. Good luck and happy REPLing!


Being a Replit Rep has been ✨ amazing ✨, and here are some of the best things that I've experienced and learned because of this amazing opportunity.

  • Event Planning: Who knew that planning events would be so difficult? Thanks to being a Rep, I've learned all about the best ways to market, spread and host events. We even had an onboarding session explaining how to do all these things in detail!
  • Collaboration: Me and Dillon hosted an event on Intermediate HTML & CSS, which forced me to manage communication and collaboration across time zones entirely online.
  • Time Management: School, coding, Replit and guitar... It's a lot to manage! After some time, however, I was able to get used to managing all these things and eventually got them down 🎯

All these skills will definitely come in handy even as I step down from this role. Plus, the team is amazing. All in all, I would highly recommend applying!


It was a cloudy school day, I had just finished hours of learning things I wouldn't be able to recall now. I opened my phone and checked Twitter to see a tweet from the Replit account, reading something along the lines of "Last day to apply as a Replit Rep". I checked the website, scrolling though, doubting I could live up to the expectations. I replied to the tweet with a "Maybe next time". Within a few short minutes, Amjad Masad replied to my tweet with a few words of encouragement. I pandered on the thought and eventually thought I'd give applying a try. I Googled up a timezone converter and found that I only had less than an hour before applications closed. I remember actually running up my street, franticly unlocking the door and putting my school things away hastily. I had only 30 minutes to get a pristine application done and work up the courage to hit the "Apply" button. After 20 or so minutes, I completed the form, and partially forgot about it for a few days... until I got an email asking for an interview from Ornella.

That was 3 months ago now. Since then, I've hosted 3 events and helped with 2, and overall had an amazing time. Oh- and of course, you get the amazingly high quality Reps T-Shirt (currently my favourite).

Ok, enough about me. You're looking to become a Rep, yes? If not, now you are. Just do it.

tl;dr: No question: apply to be a Replit Rep. It's amazing.


Being a Replit Rep is nothing short of extraordinary! I have had an amazing time, and have thoroughly enjoyed running a website development crash course. Being a Replit Rep not only allows you to share your interests and help out the Replit community, but can also teach you lots of important skills. I highly recommend applying! Good luck!


Hey 👋, it's Hugoonreplit, but you can call me Hugo! I'm a Computer Science student from Madrid, Spain who loves UI/UX design. I also love making things accessible for everyone!

But let me tell you how I became a Rep! I had to do a little interview with Ornella and then I just had to wait. I thought that my chances of getting in weren't very high, but some weeks passed, and the email was sent. It was 1 AM and I was watching TV when I decided to check the emails I had, and there I saw the email! I announced to my parents that I was selected as a Rep, and that was one of the happiest days of my life!

I've done several events that you can find in the Replit YouTube. The first one and the one I most enjoyed was the one with Benyamin, we did a little intro to Replit which was connected to a jam where tons of people participated. Being a Rep doesn't only mean you need to do events, but you also create a community! I've grown more than 100 followers on Replit since becoming a Rep and in the last month I've been helping a lot of people on! We also have perks from being Reps, my favorite is that we have special events.

I've enjoyed this experience too much, I hope one day I can repeat it!

Pssst... you should apply for the next cohort!

Varun - BlueHandCoding

Hi all! My name is Varun, otherwise known as BlueHandCoding. I'm a content creator and educator from the United States.

My time as a Replit Rep has been PHENOMENAL! Aside from working alongside incredibly talented individuals, I've been able to develop my own skills as an orator and collaborater.

One the activities I enjoyed the most was hosting coding workshops for my monthly events. I wanted to keep things fresh, enjoyable, and engaging - so I challenged myself to make some quality content 👌. Furthermore, being able to engage with the Replit community and teach them something new is such a rewarding experience! I also worked with other Reps, namely Rohan and Anjali to provide the community with new and exciting challenges.

Lastly, I have to mention Lena and Ornella! They've both been incredibly supportive and kind, and are amazing to work with. The folks are Replit are awesome, encouraging, and very fun to chat with!

So what are ya waiting for? Apply!

Adam - TechPandaPro

Being a Rep has been an incredible opportunity to work closely alongside other passionate programmers to bring events that inspire and excite the community. During the cohort, I was given much creative freedom to host several events/hackathons with immense team spirit coming from the other Reps and Replit team.

If you're passionate about empowering others, being a Rep is definitely something to consider! During my cohort, @Danie and I hosted a game jam to show how fun and cool it is to make games. @Spllit, one of the winners of this game jam, has since found a newfound interest in game development with Kaboom.js! He even told me that—had it not been for the game jam—he probably would not be coding right now.

“You BEEtter collect all!” made by community member @Spllit

"You BEEtter collect all!" made by community member @Spllit
"You BEEtter collect all!" made by community member @Spllit

It’s stories like these which convince me that being a Rep is truly a great and worthwhile opportunity!

Jason Chan

Hi! I'm Jason Chan. I'm so grateful to have been given the oppurtunity to be a Replit Rep during this cohort. As a Replit Rep, I've been able to collaborate with extremely talented and supportive individuals to create events for our communities, which has given me invaluable experience that will help me later on in life. Being able to put forth my programming skills to empower my community has been extremely rewarding. Overall, being a part of this growing community has been a wonderful experience!

Anjali Patidar

Aloha! My name is Anjali; I am AnjaliP44 on Replit. I am an aspiring software engineer from Canada. I have been a Replit Rep for 3 months so far and it has been an incredible experience!

I've been coding with Replit since I was 12 years old, and it's been the most useful tool ever since. I saw this fantastic opportunity to apply to be a Replit Rep one day and jumped on it without hesitation. Replit helped me a lot and was a great resource for someone like me, so I wanted to expand it to help more people. I am extremely grateful for being chosen as a Replit Rep! Everyone on the Replit team is extremely helpful, and Ornella has been an incredible counselor to me throughout these months. This was the best chapter of my life and I had a fantastic time collaborating and hosting events with other Replit Reps!

If you're considering becoming a Replit Rep, don't hesitate; just do it. I am confident that this will be the best decision you ever make! :)

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