Teach Coding Remotely - free for public schools and 80% discount for everyone else

Amjad Masad

*Edit: As of March 2022, Teams for Education is free for all educators. You can gain access here.

We've been hearing from our teacher community that despite school closings they want to continue teaching their students remotely. Luckily Repl.it was designed to be remote-first and will be a perfect tool for this. We have two products that serve different remote modes:


Real-time collaboration. You can invite your entire class into a repl to follow along or even collaborate all together. To that end, we're increasing the number of free collaborators on the free plan to 50 users!



Create small programming tasks for your students, give them feedback, and track their progress.

Free plan & discounts

Because we want to support teachers in these trying times we are:

  • Extending our free k-12 program to all public school and college teachers around the world. Register here.
  • All other educators, we're providing you with an 80% discount on our classroom product. Use REMOTE2020 at checkout

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