Rails in 30 seconds

Amjad Masad

Philosophically, Replit and Rails are incredibly aligned. We both exist to remove excessive configuration and complexity that stands in the way of building things. However, for a long time, it bothered me that Replit didn't work well with Rails because we focus on small and lightweight projects. Recently, our infrastructure has gotten much more powerful, and I decided to give Rails another spin. It turns out it's not only possible to do Rails on Replit; it's quite a delightful experience. It takes less than 30 seconds from starting a project to seeing the welcome screen:

There is no magic under the hood. You can view the template here. I merely followed the getting started guide on the rails site and had to do only a couple of modifications to make the development website show up in the iframe on Replit (detailed in the readme file).

Give it a spin, and let me know what you think!

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