Ever since the LOGO programming language educators have been using Turtle Graphics to demonstrate the power of programming to their students while making it fun and interesting.

In fact, my first real programming experience was when I was 6 years old learning LOGO at school. I learned how to program the turtle to draw a square and a triangle which I then put together to create a house. However, I was frustrated that I had to keep repeating the code to create a village made from multiple houses -- and that's how discovered loops! It's a natural way for children to learn programming. Here is an example turtle graphic house in repl.it :)

python turtle

So far, we've been focused on what we think was largely missing from the web: running programs that typically require installing a compiler or an interpreter on your computer. However, now that we've built tools for teachers to bring programming to their classroom, many want to use turtle graphics as part of their cirriculum. And that's why we're excited to introduce Turtle Graphics support for Python.

To get started just select Python (with Turtle) from the list of languages, import the turtle module and start drawing!

The Python Turtle implementation is powered by the Skulpt open source project.