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We're constantly surprised and delighted by the creativity of people in our community. Whether it be games, animations, utilities, or simply snippets to answer Stackoverflow questions -- it's always fascinating to see! However, we haven't done a good job giving credits to authors for their creations.

We're changing this in two ways:

  • We're giving you, dear user, your own user profile.
  • Your repls will have your picture and name on the top left hand section above the editor.

User profiles

Right now, you can go to your account and start crafting your user profile. You can change your profile picture (it defaults to your Gravatar if you have one), add a bio (complete with links to your website or social media accounts), and if you want, even add a school, company, organization or whatever institution you belong to.

Then visit your profile either by following the link on the account page or by going to the url<your username> (replacing <your username> with your actual username). You can then share it publicly, or link to it from other places on the web.

Finally, you'll notice that we try to rank your repls in an intelligent way (based on metadata, views, and other metrics) to show your most valuable work up top.

(If you're a teacher, and have contributed to our community classrooms then we'll also list your public contributions).

Sharing repls

Next, when you share a repl, your audience can see that it was made by you. Above the editor, on the upper left-hand side, will be your profile picture and name. Clicking on either would take the viewer to your profile page.

A note about our community

Community features came as a natural evolution of our platform and have been some of the top requested features by our users. So as we build up our community we want to emphasize that we're dedicated to building a kind, inclusive, and fun community. If at any point, dear Repler, you feel that someone is acting unkindly towards you, or for any other reason you feel unwelcome please get in touch with us and we'll make sure resolving your issue is a top priority.

Happy repling!

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