Require any npm package

Amjad Masad

Last year we introduced support for importing any Python package from PyPi and -- although we don't have perfect support for all packages -- it turned out to be a very popular feature. That's why today we're excited to continue the roll-out for the rest of our platform starting with web-based languages. [](preview end)

Whether you're using plain old JavaScript REPL, HTML/CSS/JS, or ES2016, you'll be able to import any package from npm (that can run in the browser).

How it works is that we parse out the requires from your code, fetch the bundle from npm via, and evaluate the bundle in the same context as your code.

Note that ES6 imports is not currently supported but we're hoping to get it in soon.

Thanks to Phạm Ngọc Quang Nam for his work on this feature, npm for the registry, and for the awesome packaging service.

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