New and improved repls page

Amjad Masad

People use in a variety of ways; some use it for building and shipping applications, while others use it for working on homework, and many others use it as a quick prototyping/experimentation tool. Supporting all these use cases (and more) is something we care a lot about, but up until now there wasn't an easy way to, for example, quickly go back to a project that you continue to work on every day.

Today we're excited to announce some of the changes that we've been testing for the past couple of weeks. Going to "my repls" the first thing you'll notice is a big "Continue coding" section with the projects that we think you might want to go back and work on.


Additionally, you can now star repls, so it's easy to go back to them!

Quick repl creation users usually code in 1-3 languages, but up until now you had to go to the full list of languages every time you wanted to create a new repl. For that, we've added a button that expands to include your three top-most used languages.

Infinite load

Paging can be clunky and slow; it's much easier just to scroll.


We're not done yet; there's a lot more left to be desired. Look out for a new and improved search bar. But for now, if you have any feedback, we'd love to hear it!

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