Whats #MadeWithReplit?

MadeWithReplit was our first ever ReplCon hackathon! Participants had the chance to win amazing cash prizes, share their work with the world, and hone their coding skills.

We wanted this hackathon to celebrate and inspire our community members. As such, the prizes were $10k total, but making friends along the way and the pride of sharing inspired projects were priceless bonuses as well. Even more, there was no theme, so replers could code with unbounded creativity!

Read on to check out our winning submissions!

Honorable mentions

Most Replity: ReplCraft

A spigot plugin and client lib that allows you to easily automate your Minecraft base using Replit. You can place blocks from a chest, move items around, check for entities in your structure, and more.

Most Kaboomy: Sky Scraper

A game where you must try to climb as high as possible between two buildings. Press space or click to switch buildings.

Most Tricky: Tricky. Really?!

A super cool and fun game. You will be tricked, and you will be cheated, but you need to win. Solve the riddles, find a way to win!

Most Designy: Front-end Developer Skill Tree

An RPG style skill tree for marking Front-end Developer skills.


Third Place: Mirror

Watch YouTube videos with your friends, in sync.

Second Place: Standard

A simple beautiful typing test.

First Place: Celestron

Celestron is an intense action-packed, and hilarious tower defense game for the madewithreplit hackathon.

Congrats to all the winners!

If you want to create something cool like this too and want to win amazing prizes then stay tuned for our upcoming hackathons!