New Replit features, powered by Google Cloud, make it easier than ever for students to code.

Replit is announcing it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program, utilizing Google Cloud as part of its core infrastructure to create accessible coding opportunities for computer science educators and learners around the world.

As a participant of the Google for Education Integrated Solutions Initiative, Replit offers customers the ability to collaborate on code from anywhere, on any device. Students and teachers can easily build on Replit from a Chromebook, download it from the Google Play Store to their device, and even integrate Replit Teams for Education into Google Classroom.

With the new Google Classroom integration, teachers can bring collaborative coding into their classroom faster than before. They can quickly add every student in their Google Classroom to a Team, easily add Replit projects as Google Classroom assignments, and access time-saving features like autograding tools and an integrated gradebook. As one Replit teacher put it, “I can concentrate on giving more time to working with the children and helping them rather than on housekeeping stuff.”

These tools allow educators to focus on the important things, and Replit has those values covered, too. First, Schools and parents can rest assured that their students’ privacy is protected. With the security of Google Cloud infrastructure and FERPA/COPPA compliance built into the product, students can participate freely within a Replit Team for Education.

Additionally, Replit has an app in the Google Play Store and will be featured in the Chromebook App Hub, making it easy for students on any device to get started coding. A Replit Teams for Education user, Shane McReavey, shared that “not everyone has the funds to purchase a laptop, so to create that sense of equality, that everyone has an opportunity, that’s where Replit has been really beneficial.” Another member of our teacher community recently shared that “Coding online is the best option for students especially if there is another lockdown. Many of them only have Chromebooks at home.” When so many students are still learning from their computers and tablets at home and numerous schools have opted to distribute Chromebooks to their students, this makes an enormous difference.

At Replit, we believe deeply in the equalizing and empowering potential of computer programming. Beginners shouldn’t have to spend hours fighting their machines just to write “Hello World.” It’s no wonder so many give up before discovering the creative joy of coding. Young visionaries, wherever they come from, deserve better access to technology.

We want to give everyone the tools and community they need to succeed. The kids need coding superpowers!

Learn more and get started with Replit Teams for Education today.