Flexible Credits and Usage-Based Billing

The Replit Team

Replit has evolved from a simple online editor to a comprehensive end-to-end software development platform trusted by developers worldwide. As we’ve grown, we’ve introduced new tools and payment methods for services. We’ve recognized a desire among developers for greater control over their expenses on Replit, and today, we’re introducing usage-based billing.

In January 2024, we enabled usage-based billing for any usage that exceeds your plan’s allotment. This change offers a more flexible and transparent view for managing development and deployment costs on Replit.

Replit will continue to offer our powerful Starter and Core plans, and any usage beyond plan allotments will be billed via usage-based credit card payments. We’re confident these improvements will make using Replit to scale your projects easier.

What's new?

Flexible credits

Previously, the Replit Core plan included specific allotments for Static and Autoscale Deployments. Feedback from our Replit Core community highlighted a desire for more versatile hosting options, particularly for bots (such as Discord, Telegram, Slack, etc.)

We’re excited to introduce a new benefit to the Replit Core plan called flexible credits. Starting today, if you are a Replit Core member, you have access to $8 in flexible credits per month that you can use on any of our cloud services, such as Autoscale Deployments, Reserved VM Deployments, Outbound Data Transfer, and Postgres.

These credits cover the cost of a base tier Reserved VM Deployment for an entire month, so you get more flexibility and value from your Replit experience.

Advanced usage dashboard and resource insights

For a detailed overview of your usage and resource consumption, visit replit.com/usage. You’ll be able to track your usage for the billing period and get a per Repl view of metrics like Storage and Outbound Data Transfer.

Billing overview dashboard
Billing overview dashboard

This is the most comprehensive view of usage we’ve ever provided on Replit, and it will give you transparency into what you’re spending and where your resources are being used.

Continued service beyond Replit Core quota via usage-based billing

You’ll no longer have to purchase additional Power Ups or stop your projects when you hit the full allotment of your Replit Core membership. Now, you can continue to use Replit and will be charged only for the additional resources you use. You can also set a spending limit to ensure you stay within your budget for the billing period.

Optimized compute resources

You can now increase your Workspace Development Compute and pay only for the hours you actively use the Repl! This update eliminated the concern of overpaying for infrequently used Repls, ensuring you get maximum value.

Deployment spend efficiency

If you’ve been using Autoscale Deployments, the $8 in flexible credits now provides greater value than the previously included 6 million compute units + 2.5 million requests with Replit Core. For those who haven't exceeded their allotments, this change will not impact your spending. If you frequently exceed your allotments and incur overages, you can anticipate a decrease in your spend due to the credits.

If you want to learn more about how the changes may impact you and what’s happening to Cycles moving forward, check out our documentation.

If you have any questions about your account or billing, please contact [email protected].

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