File Switcher

Faris Masad

A few days ago we shipped a simple feature that will save our users time in finding and opening files, especially for larger projects. This can even be used without having the file tree visible. Read on to see how to use it and to see a demonstration.

If you've used offline IDE's before then you're probably familiar with this feature. To bring up the file switcher you can hit ctrl + P (cmd for mac), incase you're wondering why we chose that binding, it's cause it's the default for most modern editors. I'm actually interested in the history behind this feature, who started it, and why in the world did they pick ctrl + P (maybe it was meant for command pallete?), if you know you can reach out to me on twitter @masad-frost.

Once you're in the file switcher you can type your file name or full path and it will show you your file, it also supports fuzzy string matching, so can just type part of the file you're looking for and it should show up.


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