Deploy Bun Apps that Autoscale on Replit

Sam Bartlett


Jeff Burke

David Morgan

Using Replit Autoscale Deployments, developers can launch Bun apps that automatically scale from zero to meet customer demand, combining the speed of Bun and the power of Replit infrastructure. Build, iterate, deploy, and scale directly within Replit in seconds.

Here’s how you can create and deploy a Bun App to Replit Autoscale Deployments in less than a minute:

Bun Demo

The official Bun template is up to date with the latest versions (v1.0.0 as of today). Fork the project and start building.

What is Bun?

Bun is an all-in-one JavaScript runtime that is a direct replacement for Node.js. Last week, Bun launched v1.0.0, and the results are remarkable. Not only is Bun much faster than competitors, but they have highly optimized APIs and a complete toolkit. Everything is out of the box.

Check out our tutorial and speed tests comparing Bun and Nodejs:

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