8 Templates for Businesses on Replit

Ornella Altunyan

Horacio Lopez

Whether you’re building an AI support agent for your customers or a web scraper to collect marketing data, chances are somebody has already developed the tool you’re about to build for your team. Increasing developer productivity is a cornerstone of Replit, and we want to give you the tools to elevate your team and business practices quickly.

Fork one of the templates below and customize it for your specific requirements. The app you build and deploy can scale with your business and adapt to changing goals. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the top templates on Replit that can help you automate routine tasks, enhance customer experience, make data-driven decisions, and innovate your marketing and outreach strategies.

1. AI Support Agent

Combine your documentation and internal knowledge with GPT-4, and get an agent that walks your users through basic product issues and questions. This template uses OpenAI, Pinecone, and LangChain to vectorize the files you upload and provide context to the AI. Fork the template and follow the instructions in the README.md file to get started.

In this demo, we embedded Replit documentation, and our agent can answer questions about Replit features and common bugs.

Replit support agent

2. Chat with PDFs

Ask questions about any PDF document using this template.

In this demo, we chat with a PDF that outlines the perfect chocolate cake recipe. To chat with your own documents, swap out the files in /training-data/files/ and hit Run to embed the knowledge into GPT-4.

Chatting with a chocolate cake recipe

3. Company Website or Personal Portfolio

Fork one of these templates to create a modern, responsive landing page for your business, internal tool, or yourself. Take it one step further and use Replit AI to generate content and change the colors to match your branding. When you’re finished with your customizations, deploy your new front end in seconds using Replit Deployments.

Company website
Company website

Personal portfolio
Personal portfolio

4. Telegram Bot

This proof-of-concept Telegram bot takes a user's text messages and turns them into stylish images. Utilizing Python, the python-telegram-bot library, and PIL for image manipulation, it offers a quick and interactive way to generate content.

5. Simple Express.js Backend

A classic backend server. Just fork, and you have the scaffolding to build any API.
Host your endpoint using Autoscale Deployments to only pay for the compute usage that your requests consume. With Replit Core, you'll be able to power your first 2,000+ users for free, depending on your code’s efficiency.

Express API with deployment

6. Web Scraper

Scrape and collect data from the web using this template as a starting point.

This starter code grabs New York’s live weather data from weather.com, but you can swap the URL in the fetch_weather function to scrape from another resource.

Start testing and practicing by forking the template below.

Python web scraper

7. GPT-4 API Call (Node.js and Python)

Every AI app starts with an API call – often to OpenAI. The code in these templates is the most basic unit to get started on your next AI app, with examples of properly making API calls to OpenAI’s GPT-4 model.

8. Data analysis tools

This template covers the basics of data analysis and allows you to quickly run programs that use pandas, NumPy, and scikit-learn to do data analysis or machine learning.

Data analysis script
Data analysis script

Templates on Replit are more than shortcuts for developers; when paired with Replit AI, they are development launchpads for all members of your team. By leveraging templates, your team can simplify current business processes and pave the way for future growth.

For more information on templates, check out the complete list.

Want to get in touch with our team about how your company can leverage Replit for your internal work? Contact us at [email protected].

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