BerriAI—The Y Combinator company that brings LLM products to market quickly with Replit

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BerriAI Landing Page
BerriAI Landing Page

BerriAI is a Y Combinator-backed company that lets users build production-ready ChatGPT apps in under 2 minutes by easily connecting your data to an LLM. With BerriAI you can spin up a ChatGPT app for:

  • Customer support trained on your Knowledge Base and FAQs
  • Answering questions related to your internal knowledge base
  • Analyzing Product data (on mixpanel, CSV files)
  • Generating LinkedIn posts based on your previous posts
  • Question answering for textbooks

BerriAI’s team has been using Replit as a core development tool to prototype, collaborate, and host—rapidly speeding up their development cycles.

Why Replit?

BerriAI founders, Krrish Dholakia and Ishaan Jaffer, both learned about Replit in college, but quickly realized Replit is far more powerful than they originally thought. Today, the two founders use Replit to build their YC-backed startup for three reasons:

  • Speed to build
  • Instant hosting
  • Collaboration

Speed to build

“Anytime we come up with an idea and we just want to quickly validate and build it, it's super easy to get started on Replit. We don't need to care about the environment… that's massive for us and just the idea that we could work on something for one hour and just have it out”

For any YC company, the speed to build and iterate is a core metric. Paul Graham, co-founder of Y Combinator, has pointed out that the “mere rate of shipping new features is a surprisingly accurate predictor of startup success.” For BerriAI, their core metric is time to market. When the BerriAI team gets an idea, the last thing their team wants to do is spend hours configuring their development environment. By then, that creative moment is lost to frustration.

With Replit, their team can just spin up a Repl and start building their idea in just seconds.

Instant hosting

“We could just get a Flask server going in minutes. Things just happened really fast because you get a sharable endpoint, you're ready to go, you don't need to worry about deployment”

With Replit, the prototype instantly has a shareable URL and the server endpoint is live to the world. No additional steps required. This has allowed BerriAI to quickly build a prototype and share with team members, advisors, and users within seconds via text, email, or Slack.

From idea to build to gather feedback, Replit makes their team’s dev cycles “insanely fast.”


“Krrish worked in a couple of files by himself, and then he was able to just invite me to that Repl when we could work on it at the same time.”

As part of the iterative cycle of development, the BerriAI team uses Replit to collaborate in real-time with our best-in-class multiplayer coding environment. Using just a join link, their team can jump directly into the codebase and leave in-line comments (much like a Google Doc), help debug, and push changes. This makes leaving feedback or helping someone get unstuck extremely fast and easy.

BerriAI Templates

BerriAI Apps Demo
BerriAI Apps Demo

For their users, BerriAI has built a variety of templates that allow people to quickly deploy their products. Here are some examples (you can try!):

More on BerriAI

BerriAI’s speed to ship will no doubt make them incredibly successful, particularly in the fast-paced LLM space. At Replit, we are extremely proud to build primitives and tools that enable teams like BerriAI to build with speed and scale. Follow BerriAI’s progress at

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