Enable Assignment Dependencies with Teams for Education


Haya Odeh

Fundementally, learning is about completing basic material before moving on to more advanced stuff.

-- a teacher giving us feedback.

At Repl.it we're always open to feedback; and supporting the teachers and students that are using our platform is our top priority. We know that teaching is hard but it's easliy one of the most impactful jobs when done correctly.

As mentioned in my post about assignment reordering -- we're making it possible for teachers to enable assignment dependencies which will require students to complete an assignment before moving on to the next one. This is optional but it makes sense to enable if you designed your material to be expereinced in a certain order.

Finally, we're always thinking about the best way students learn, that’s why we decided to make locked assignments accessible as read only on the student end. This means: students will be able to read the assignment but won't be able edit or submit. We think by allowing this, students can prepare themselves for upcoming assignments and it would help them to form an idea of what’s coming next.

If you want to hide assignments from your students you can either:

  • Keep them as drafts and publish them when you're ready
  • Schedule them to be published at a certain date

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