Builder Profile: Marwan Elwaraki and Salwa Al-Alami

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Meet Marwan and Salwa, the London-based couple behind Sweet Dreams, an app designed for diabetic patients and their families to manage health collaboratively.

Marwan, an iOS developer, and Salwa, a product manager, encountered a challenge when Marwan's younger brother was diagnosed with diabetes. Because his brother lived in Qatar with the rest of his family, it was difficult for Marwan to stay updated on his brother’s blood sugar level.

Marwan's Family
Marwan's Family

First-party apps available at the time did not meet Marwan's requirements for keeping an eye on his brother's health data effectively. This gap led them to create an application that would give both the patient and their family a larger insight into the health data, ensuring that critical alerts related to blood sugar levels were not missed.

Marwan first heard about Replit through Twitter, and started to explore the platform. He also encouraged Salwa to use Replit to learn to code. Marwan quickly built an MVP of Sweet Dreams, beginning with a simple Telegram integration. After confirming his idea, he moved on to building a full iOS app. By using Replit’s import tool to install libraries quickly, he’s able to focus on the app's functionality, such as real-time blood sugar monitoring and custom notifications, vital features that could mean the difference between stability and an emergency for a patient with diabetes.

Sweet Dreams App
Sweet Dreams App

Replit AI is also a large part of Marwan's development process.

“As an iOS developer with a Swift background, I had very little knowledge of Python. Before using Replit AI, I would do a lot of Googling and then I moved on to using Chat GPT and copying code back and forth. And then eventually, I tried Replit AI and just having everything integrated, asking it about my code, I was able to move 10 times faster.”

Salwa's involvement was crucial in turning Sweet Dreams from a necessary personal project into a commercially viable product. From parents who need to monitor their children while they are at school, to the community of diabetic dog owners, Salwa ensures that the app not only functions well technically but also meets the needs and expectations of its customers.

As Sweet Dreams moves towards its goal of making diabetes management less burdensome, Replit remains at the core of its expansion. Marwan sees Replit not merely as a development tool but as a partner in innovation that grows with their application:

"Replit is a great app to build your first prototype and test things out. It's by far the quickest way to do that. There could be that you could get that misconception of something that's good at the start by not scaling with you over time. But it does, and especially with the work happening in Deployments, it's very clear that Replit has this focus on being with you from day zero all the way until the app has as many users as you can."

Download Sweet Dreams from the iOS App Store if it may be helpful for you or your family. Stay tuned for the latest release of Sweet Dreams on the Apple Watch!

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