Introducing Replit ModelFarm

James Austin

The AI Team @ Replit

At Replit, we continue to ship features with a unique north star in mind: providing the shortest path from idea to software running in production. Last week’s Autoscaling and Static Deployments announcement was another key step in building an end-to-end platform that supports scalable, production-ready projects. Today, we announce Replit ModelFarm, the fastest and safest way to build Generative AI applications.

You can now build Gen AI apps without the hassle of API key management – Replit ModelFarm natively supports secure access to 3rd-party Gen AI providers. Developers will be able to focus only on building, without having to worry about their API keys leaking. In the future, we will also provide an integrated billing system with support for quota limits, alarms, and more. And if you want to use any additional APIs, our Secrets feature makes it safe and straightforward.

Through October 15th, all our Hacker and Pro subscribers will have free access to a selection of Gen AI models offered by Google Cloud Vertex AI. All the models are accessible both from the development environment and from any deployed app, just by installing the Replit AI libraries in Python or JavaScript/TypeScript.

Writing your first Gen AI app is as easy as:

from import CompletionModel

model = CompletionModel("text-bison")
prompts = ["What is the best way to learn AI?"]
completion = model.complete(prompts, max_output_tokens=50, temperature=0.2)


Replit ModelFarm supports chat models, code models, and text embeddings. To find out more, check out our documentation or try out our sample app.

demo video

The speed of adoption of Gen AI has reached a scale never witnessed before in the tech world. In our recent State of AI Development post, we report 80% quarter-on-quarter growth in the number of Gen AI projects created on Replit. We don’t expect this growth to slow down anytime soon – if anything, the energy that AI builders have been pouring into their projects never ceases to amaze us. Now, we want every software creator to turn into an AI software creator.

Generative AI has sparked the imagination of millions already. We can’t wait to see what you will build with Replit ModelFarm!

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