What We Look for When We Interview

Laima Tazmin

We’re on a mission to bring the next billion software creators online.

In 2022, to get there, we're focusing on:

  • Making Replit run fast on popular devices across the globe.
  • Helping new coders build and ship for their first time.

Reaching those goals requires infrastructure work and real-world experimentation, so we are growing our team!

example of the repl resource component in action
example of the repl resource component in action

If you’re thinking of applying (or re-applying!), you might feel intimidated or nervous about our interview process. No process is perfect, but ultimately we're looking for the kinds of people who will succeed here: those with high autonomy, pragmatism, strong communication and empathy for our users.

No matter the role, here are three things you can do to stand out in interviews:

1. Act like an owner

We keep our process minimal and ship often because everyone at Replit drives their projects to completion and owns their results. We want to hire driven people and then get out of their way.

In interviews, we often ask candidates to solve a real-world and true-to-Replit problem. That’s your chance to drive the discussion like you’re leading the project. Ask questions. Be proactive. Think about timing and scope, too.

At Replit, when we lean into the uncomfortable, we call it "seeking pain". When things seem hard or don't go your way, show us you won’t give up or retreat. Be someone who is incapable of being blocked. This includes knowing when you don’t know something, and asking for help.

2. Present clearly

We’re a remote-first company, working across timezones. We strive to make every meeting, document, and demo deliver the message without wasting time.

In interviews, we look at how you convey your ideas, whether written or verbal. Equally, we also look at how well you listen and internalize feedback.

Practicing this skill outside of interviews is a good idea. For example, I find writing things down before speaking helps me collect my thoughts and make my delivery more crisp.

3. Have a point of view

We’re building a new kind of software creator platform. We’re inventing the playbook as we go.

We want you to have opinions of how to make the product better and users happier. We are building Replit for everyone around the world who wants to build, and we need diverse perspectives. Don’t shy away from thinking radically or differently, but make sure you explain your thought process.

A great way to develop this point of view is simply by building on Replit and being part of the community. You can find us on Twitter, Discord, or build and share on Replit Community.


All this being said, we are not looking for perfection. We are looking for your potential for growth & leadership.

As a company, we promote growth through knowledge seeking and sharing. We have an education budget so you can take classes or purchase learning materials. We have book clubs. We have special guest talks. We also have fun weekly information sharing & hacking presentations, where a teammate shares something they know or get excited about to the rest of the company. We also promote growth by empowering you to lead big projects.

We bring people in and then invest in them.

Don’t Give Up

If you didn’t move forward in the interview this time, don’t give up. Apply again in 6-12 months! In the meantime, build on Replit and give us product feedback. When you are passionate and determined, we take that as a positive sign.

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