Company Spotlight: Techjays

Anshul Bhide

Company Overview

Techjays, a software development services company based in India and the US, specializes in helping startups and product companies evolve from idea to MVP. As a 100-person firm, Techjays primarily serves small to medium businesses offering IT services and consulting expertise.

In the fast-paced world of technology, Techjays faced the challenge of rapidly prototyping and onboarding solutions for their clients. The traditional approach, which involved time-intensive Docker and Kubernetes setups, often delayed the sales process and hampered the efficiency of their development cycle, thereby affecting deal closures and client satisfaction.

How Replit helped Techjays in Sales and Software Delivery

How Using Replit Helped

Sales Efficiency

  • Rapid MVP/POC Development: Techjays integrated Replit Core into their sales workflow, significantly reducing turnaround time during the sales process. This allowed them to quickly prototype MVPs and proofs of concept during sales calls, providing instant demonstrations to potential clients.
  • Live Deployment Demonstrations: The ability to make and deploy changes live with Replit Deployments during sales calls offered clients a real-time glimpse of potential product outcomes.
  • Ready-made Templates: Techjays leveraged Replit templates to quickly ideate and demonstrate project concepts during customer interactions.

Building on Replit

  • Zero Setup with Templates: Replit templates enabled Techjays to bypass the laborious setup of CI/CD pipelines and environment onboarding for new engineers at the start of client projects.
  • Replit AI Capabilities: Techjays found Replit AI to be a valuable asset, comparable to, if not better than, Github Copilot on VSCode, aiding in reducing initial coding procrastination and minimizing the need for extensive PR comments. They found that using Replit AI improved the productivity of their developers by 25-30%, reduced the review cycle time, and decreased the cost of delivering code to customers.
  • Efficient QA Processes: The team could test features individually and integrate them effectively with the help of Replit.
  • Database Integration: The availability of Neon and PostgreSQL databases directly on Replit streamlined their development processes.

Benefits for Techjays

  • Increased Sales Conversion: The reduced turnaround time in the sales process through instant prototyping and demonstrations has led to higher chances of deal closures.
  • Enhanced Development Efficiency: The streamlined setup and AI assistance have accelerated the development lifecycle, allowing Techjays to respond quickly to client needs. This helps even junior developers write good-quality code.
  • Improved Onboarding and QA: Simplified onboarding and more effective QA testing have resulted in higher-quality client deliverables.

Learn More About Techjays

To dive deeper into Techjays’ innovative approach using Replit and their solutions, visit their website or follow their journey on social media.



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