Company Spotlight: Boosty Labs

Kevin Leffew

Boosty Labs' 50+ developers adopts Replit Core to increase collaboration and productivity with AI

Boosty Labs, a leading Ukrainian development studio with over 50 developers, has embraced Replit Core, increasing collaboration and productivity with AI.

Vitalli Yatskiv, CTO of Boosty Labs, chose Replit for its fast environment setup and collaborative features:

"Setting up a development environment on Replit is impressively quick, as Replit eliminates the tedium of dependency installation."
"Moreover, the platform's AI-assisted debugging tools allow for quick identification and resolution of codebase issues. And with multiplayer collaboration, our developers can work in unison on the same codebase, enhancing both efficiency and camaraderie."

Replit Core: Benefits for Boosty Labs developers

The introduction of Replit Core has helped streamline the software development lifecycle for Boosty Labs. Boosty developers can dive into writing, testing, and deploying code more quickly, thanks to Replit’s efficient management of packages and cloud-based architecture. Replit's zero-setup coding environment has significantly reduced iterations cycle, allowing Boosty Labs to respond more rapidly to client needs and requests.

For Boosty, Replit AI has been particularly impactful for their workflow. Replit AI is not just a tool for writing and editing code; for Boosty, it has become instrumental in debugging, annotating, and documenting code. This advanced functionality for using generative AI for code annotation has proven invaluable in clearly communicating complex code structures and logic to clients, ensuring transparency and understanding.

For a company operating in a remote-first environment, Replit's native multiplayer features are a game-changer. These features enable seamless collaboration, allowing multiple developers to work on the same codebase in real time. This has boosted efficiency and strengthened team dynamics, making every project a collective endeavor.

Benefits for Boosty Labs clients

Another significant advantage of using Replit is its native deployment capabilities. Replit seamlessly integrates with Google Cloud, providing a trusted and compliant backend for deploying virtual machines and autoscale applications. This integration ensures that Boosty Labs can confidently deliver high-quality, scalable solutions to its clients.

Lastly, Replit’s extensive template library has been a boon for Boosty Labs, particularly for generative AI applications. These templates have elevated the firm's capabilities, extending its expertise beyond its traditional focus areas of Web3 and Fintech. As a result, Boosty Labs has been able to offer a broader range of innovative solutions.

The adoption of Replit Core has not only transformed Boosty Labs’ approach to software development but has also set a new workflow standard in collaborative, efficient, and innovative software creation.

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The success stories emerging from our ecosystem serve as case studies for developers. Their architectural decisions, scaling strategies, and innovative solutions can provide invaluable insights for others looking to tread a similar path.

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