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Bounties Case Study Cover Image
Bounties Case Study Cover Image
"Through Bounties, I was able to get high-quality developers that are able to fulfill a problem statement really fast. Replit’s Bounty Hunters ensure that the client is happy with the end product and have a high quality of work product.. and are interested in making the best versions of the apps possible."

@girlbossintech | Software Engineer


@girlbossintech is a software developer and Twitter creator. She wanted to test out an idea for a social polling app, similar to popular polling web apps like Gas App, where users would be served a question and could select an option, which would then take them to the next question. However, being busy with work, she decided to outsource the implementation of this idea. After seeing Replit Bounties on Twitter and receiving a recommendation from a friend, @girlbossintech decided to try it out.

Building the Prototype

@girlbossintech posted the problem statement and received 5 high quality applications within a day. By seeing their code examples on Replit & Github, and past Bounty reviews, @girlbossintech narrowed down on Aditya, a college student from India (Replit Name: @AadiKumawa).

They communicated via Signal to nail down the prototype and product requirements within 2 days. After that, Aditya used the t3 Next.js framework stack to build the web-app, including the UI and the backend. He also included a special “Invite” button that would create a personalized URL for users to invite their friends to the app.


@girlbossintech had used other dev contractor marketplaces in the past and found this Bounty experience very reliable and fast. Once the wireframe was created, creating the web-app was fast and easy, and Aditya was communicative. The entire process from posting the Bounty to receiving the web-app took 1 week and was completed for $600. Using the Replit Bounty model was a much quicker and efficient way to test out this idea without putting a strain on @girlbossintech’s bandwidth.

She views Bounties as an RFP model where she can select what to create herself vs. delegating out. By outsourcing this experiment, she saved time and can then decide whether to integrate it with her full-time work or not.

By the way, check out Aditya’s interview about Replit Bounties experience here!

About Bounties

Bounties is a marketplace where anyone can work with software creators from the Replit community. The Bounty Hunter community on Replit consists of the world’s top developer talent ranging from young prodigy hackers to senior software engineers.

Post on Replit Bounties and see what creativity you can unleash!

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