Creating a Stable Diffusion Startup in 60 Days with Replit Bounties — A Case Study

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Magic Prints Case Study Cover Image
Magic Prints Case Study Cover Image

Introducing the Startup

Magic Prints is an e-commerce store where customers can generate AI artwork and add that artwork to accessories that can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.

About Bounties

Bounties is a marketplace where anyone can work with Replit's top developers to bring software ideas to life.

It's the easiest way to get a website, bot, or startup MVP made for you! Once your project is completed, you can take ownership of your code with one link and immediately run and host your project on Replit. No need to mess with technical setup or matching your developer's configuration. Just hit Run!

About the Bounty Poster

Jack is a marketing manager in the music industry and lives in Miami. When he has time outside of his full-time job, Jack explores new entrepreneurial ideas. He’s always on the lookout for new technology and how artists or people within his industry can leverage it to their benefit.

He first heard about Replit on Twitter and connected with Replit's mission to bring the next billion software creators online. When the opportunity came to try Bounties, Jack took it hoping to connect with a developer that could bring one of his latest ideas to life.

Project Needs

For entrepreneurs like Jack, the breakthroughs in AI-generated art have opened up a blue ocean of new opportunities and ventures to pursue.

One idea in particular hooked Jack—what if you could take your AI-generated art, put it on accessories like t-shirts or mugs, and ship those accessories to any address in the US?

This idea could print money!

The only issue: Jack doesn't code. If he wanted to execute on his idea, Jack knew he needed help from a talented hacker.

Enter Replit Bounties! After participating in Replit's WeFunder community round, Jack was invited to be an early member of Bounties. He jumped on the opportunity to connect with top Replit developers and posted his Bounty to the community:

Jack Bounty 002
Jack Bounty 002

Finding the right Bounty Hunter

Finding a talented full-stack developer is hard enough. But if someone was going to bring Jack's vision to life, the developer would also need an entrepreneurial drive and experience launching ideas that people use every day.

Ray,, a prolific Replit community member, was ready to take on the challenge. After developing an internal website for Deel in 7 days, Ray knew how to deliver quality work FAST.

Ray matched with Jack less than 24 hours after the Bounty was posted and the two began communicating weekly on Discord.

How Ray helped

The first step was building the most important piece of the project - the Stable Diffusion models for generating images. Within one week, Ray developed a proof of concept for their backend and image generation.

The next step was aligning with Jack's vision for the brand and the user experience. Although they were hired as a developer, Ray dove in and designed the first visuals for the store.

After a few weeks of design and development, MagicPrints was born!

landing page
landing page

process page
process page

Ray built and hosted the front end of the website all on Replit. Even as a non-technical founder, Jack was easily able to access and run the code through a private, shared link on Replit. No technical or IDE downloads needed!

What's next for Magic Prints & Replit Bounties

Ray and Jack are still putting the finishing touches on MagicPrints before releasing it to the public. Some of their first deliveries have gone great!

Check out this order born out of the prompt “Pikachu in Mykonos” and delivered on enhanced matte paper framed poster (Black / 8’ x 10’).


After this project, Jack made it clear that he would love to work with Ray again.

Feedback on Bounties Experience

"Working with Ray was a pleasure - They were able to come up with simple solutions to complex issues, and did so with ease, all while being able to translate what was happening in layman's terms to someone with a non-technical background like myself. Ray is an incredibly talented developer, with a bright future ahead of them. I hope to work together on future creative endeavors.

Replit is home to the most talented programmers in the world. Bounties are an easy and cost-efficient way to tap into this network to breathe life into your crazy ideas that would have just sat dormant in your notes app otherwise."

Jack LeVine / Replit Community Round Investor

If you'd like to be notified when Ray and Jack's project goes live, head over to and join their waitlist!

Get in touch - [email protected] Follow Magic Prints - @magicprints_ai

If you have an idea for a software task you want done for you, email [email protected] and we’ll help you post your Bounty and match you with the right developer!

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