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Bounties Case Study Cover Image
Bounties Case Study Cover Image
"If I had turnkey access to this liquid, global talent pool in previous product roles, it would have been amazing for developing prototypes and taking ideas from 0 to 1."

Christian Ulstrup / founder and CEO of GSD @ Work

About the Bounty Poster

Christian Ulstrup is the founder and CEO of GSD @ Work, a strategic consulting firm that advises pre-Series C startups and business leaders on strategy, product development, and GTM motion.

Christian’s prior experience consists of all things product, from being a startup founder to leading cross-functional product teams at venture-backed medical device tech startups and larger companies like Red Bull.

About the Bounty

At GSD, Christian works closely with top startup founders to help them scale. To save time in daily operations, Christian was looking for an automated tool to take transcripts from his workshop meeting recordings, process them for analysis via GPT-3, and then summarize the relevant takeaways for publication on social media (e.g., LinkedIn posts). He was also concerned about maintaining data privacy, given the sensitive nature of his client meetings.

After trying Zapier and finding it too expensive and brittle, he came across Replit Bounties on Twitter and decided to see if a Replit developer could replace his Zap with a script.

Delivering the Project

Christian divided his problem statement into two separate Bounties.

The first Bounty focused on processing the meeting transcripts from multi-hour workshops to prepare them for analysis by GPT-3. Christian posted his project idea on Replit Bounties for $50, and within minutes received applications from multiple developers. He chose Ryan (aka, a top Replit developer and community contributor. Christian described his problem statement in a short video and problem statement. After just a few iterations, Ryan delivered a working product to process the transcripts into AI-ready text chunks in just 5 hours.

Given Christian’s great experience with Ryan, Christian chose him again for his second Bounty to summarize the pre-processed transcripts for social media using custom GPT-3 prompts in just one click. Ryan once again did a fantastic job.


In Christian’s words:

“Great experience, highly recommend! Was more than willing to entertain creative solutions to tech problems that weren't anticipated in the bounty description as well.”


This tool made Christian’s workflow “10x faster”, by enabling him to have higher quality meetings — allowing him to delegate note-taking to his AI pipeline bounty and focus more on the conversation — and faster creation of derivative content. With project hosted on Replit, he had much more flexibility to change the prompt as required. As soon as the Bounties were completed, all Christian had to do was click the link to the code and run it right in his browser in Replit.

Even better, when collaborators and prospects asked if they could use the same pipeline for themselves, all he had to do was publish the Repl as a template and share a URL—and in just a few clicks, they were able to use this same custom pipeline to analyze long-form text transcripts with GPT-3.

Christian sees immense value in using Bounties for prototyping - be it an individual working on their side-hustle or a company looking to create a quick mock-up for POC purposes. Replit Bounties has made it easy for him to access a global talent pool of top developers and turn ideas from zero to one quickly.

What's next

In today's fast-paced business environment, startups must build and launch MVPs quickly to validate their ideas and find product market fit. Replit Bounties can help startups build prototypes and MVPs in record time when AI tools come short.

Christian says, "Having something that you can get your hands on and spin it up immediately was game-changing." He believes that without Replit Bounties, he would not have been able to launch his MVP as fast. He has even recommended the platform to his friends and clients. For his next bounty, armed with early access to the ChatGPT Plugin developer preview, will be working with Replit developers to help small business owners scale their expertise by building and distributing custom AI plugins.

In conclusion, Replit Bounties is the best place to build, prototype, and quickly launch software ideas and MVPs. It offers flexibility, accessibility, and affordability, making it ideal for startups that need to move fast.

"Having the Replit bounty system and being able to spin it up to get my and my clients’ hands on something immediately is incredible."

Christian Ulstrup / founder and CEO of GSD @ Work

Try out the project!

Here is the finished product - check it out! You will have to enter your OpenAI API Key to make it work. Here are the steps.

To run:

  • Set API_KEY in the Secrets tab
  • Paste a large block of text into input.txt
  • Change the variables below as desired
  • Run the repl

About Bounties

Bounties is a marketplace where anyone can work with software creators from the Replit community. The Bounty Hunter community on Replit consists of the world’s top developer talent ranging from young prodigy hackers to senior software engineers.

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