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About Bounties

Bounties is a marketplace where anyone can connect with and contract top software creators from the Replit community. These developers are known as Bounty Hunters.

The Bounty Hunter community on Replit is global and includes thousands of vetted developers ranging from young prodigy hackers to senior software engineers based in Silicon Valley.

About the Bounty Poster

Altimeter is a leading technology-focused investment firm built by founders for founders. Their mission is to help visionary entrepreneurs build iconic companies, disrupt markets, and improve lives through all stages of growth. Altimeter manages a variety of venture and public funds and serves as an expert long-term partner to companies as they enter the public markets.

About the Bounty

OpenAI’s launch of ChatGPT in November 2022 led to a massive increase in attention and engagement towards LLMs and their ability to power AI-integrated products. The Altimeter team wanted to find a creative way to support builders in the space and explore the latest capabilities of LLMs and libraries like LangChain.

To find top developer talent, they turned to Replit Bounties.

The idea: a chatbot that could demonstrate the possibilities of pairing the power of LLMs with Wikipedia or enterprise data stored in common databases like Snowflake.

Altimeter Bounty

Finding the right Bounty Hunter Altimeter’s team put out the call to attract the top Bounty Hunters, and the applications from Replit and Twitter flew in.

Pauline Announcement

Brad Announcement

Ultimately, the Altimeter Team chose Jesse Zhang, software engineer at Niantic, who has been hacking on some AI experiments in his spare time. Jesse’s prolific collection of AI projects on Twitter, accomplishments as a founder, and initial demo led the Altimeter to choose him.

Pauline Winner

The runner-up was Francisco Ingham, a Bounty Hunter and ML Engineer at Mercado Libre. Delivering Project Within 24 hours of being accepted, Jesse completed the project.

Jesse’s chatbot uses data from Wikipedia pages along with the data in Snowflake. GPT Index is used to connect GPT-3 to these data sources. LangChain agents are used to assist GPT-3 in taking certain actions based on what is requested by the user from the chat.

What’s next Altimeter and Jesse have open-sourced the project code here. Now anyone can continue building off of the project and see what capabilities LangChain and LLMs can do when coupled with enterprise data. Jesse plans on enjoying the Warriors game that Brad offered and will continue posting AI projects on his Twitter (@thejessezhang). When another Replit Bounty comes along that peaks his interest, he’ll be sure to apply.

Altimeter will continue to tap the developer network present in the Replit community to build open source tools that fuel innovation.

Feedback on Bounties Experience

"Replit Bounties delivered! Altimeter loves supporting builders and this Bounty was a fast and fun way to fund a new open source project that explores the possibilities of LLMs and Langchain.

The buzz around the Bounty announcement was awesome and the completed project is an excellent demonstration that enterprise knowledge retrieval is a potential killer use case for this technology."

Pauline Yang / Partner at Altimeter Capital

Post on Replit Bounties and see what creativity you can unleash!

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