Raising $97.4M at $1.16B Valuation to Expand our Cloud Services and Lead in AI Development

The Replit Team

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Note: The press release for our funding announcement can be found below. You can find the original press release here.

Replit is Building the Best Cloud and AI Development Experience for Software Creators

Replit, the world's fastest-growing developer platform and creator of Ghostwriter, the generative AI for software development, announced the close of its $97.4 million financing round at a $1.16 billion post-money valuation. Replit will use the new funds to innovate on its core development experience, expand its cloud services for developers, and drive innovation in AI and LLMs through Ghostwriter.

Investor Participation and Funding Details

Andreessen Horowitz's Growth Fund led the round. Others participating include Khosla Ventures, Coatue, SV Angel, Y Combinator, Bloomberg Beta, Naval Ravikant, ARK Ventures (Cathie Woods), and Hamilton Helmer, the author of ground-breaking “7 Powers.” Previously-invested SAFEs converted in this round, including those of over 2,500 Replit community members in a Wefunder crowdfunding in 2022.

Founder and CEO Statement

Replit founder and CEO Amjad Masad says, "We are relentless in our mission to empower a billion software developers. AI has already brought that future closer. We look forward to expanding our offerings for professional developers."

Developer Day Livestream - April 25 at 2 PM PT

Please join us on April 25, 2023 at 2 pm PT for our first-ever Developer Day livestream where Replit will announce new product launches and an overview of the power of Replit for developers.

Replit's Innovations

By continuously delivering improvements on its core developer experience, Replit has grown to 22.5 million developers. Replit’s innovations include:

  • Cloud-based development environment in any programming language
  • End-to-end mobile app for full-stack software development
  • A multiplayer, collaborative experience that enables true pair programming
  • Ghostwriter AI for software creation - AI code completion and AI chat with awareness of a software project’s files and context, speeding up developer productivity >30%
  • Scalable, performant infrastructure that supports the full stack creation and deployment of software from the cloud
  • Open platform that can deploy to any cloud, use the APIs of any LLM provider, and interoperates with any third-party services

Company Stats

22.5 million developers from 200+ countries 235 million projects created 25 billion monthly external visits to apps and sites hosted on Replit 1 million containers running concurrently 3 million/second of sustained read/write disk operations 10TB of packages cached 200,000 AI applications leveraging every major generative AI API

The announcement comes soon after the company’s partnership with Google, and Replit developers get access to Google Cloud services, infrastructure, and foundation models, further reducing the time from idea to live software on Replit.

About Replit

As the fastest-growing software development platform globally, Replit is home to over 22 million developers. Replit enables developers to quickly set up any development environment and release fully functional live apps in seconds, from anywhere on any device, with the power of AI.

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