Replit Art Gallery: An introduction to Replit's Illustrator - Joe Baker


Joe Baker

Who makes Replit art?

Hi! Thats me! My name is Joe and I’m Replit’s illustrator.

I have been making art/graphics/multi media for the last 10 years. I studied Visual Media and excelled in experimental artwork. I draw for fun almost daily and I can’t stop thinking about aesthetics and concepts. It started with colouring in books when I was a kid I went from there basically. I have a huge love for making and appreciating art.

I’m specifically drawn to art that rocks you to your core! Anything with wild colours, strange or abstract concepts, stuff that makes you feel something.

My major influences come from surrealist art, psychedelic comics from the 70’s, 90’s cartoons, pop art, large scale public installations (sculpture and murals) and any festival artwork!

My work is a fusion of these influences and I’m so lucky that I now get to create art for Replit on a full time basis.

How did you hear about Replit?

This all started in 2018 when I was freelancing. Amjad hit me up after seeing an album cover I made and asked me to create some promo for a “bot building competition”.

I was instantly interested in the project. I had never created a detailed robot artwork before so this commission was particularly exciting and challenging.

replit bot competition
replit bot competition

I think what I took from this brief is that Amjad trusted my abilities and let me do my thing. In fact, every project has been like this. Whenever Amjad or Haya hit me up for artwork the projects never seemed stuffy or repetitive. The project outline is always clear and understandable and everything just seems to go smoothly.

I’m always blown away by their vision and I’m happy that I get to help create an identifiable style and look for Replit’s brand.

Where can people see all the Replit art?

You can see everything that I have made for Replit via the offical Replit Art Page -

ALSO - For more behind the scenes work and regular art updates. Follow the Replit Art Gallery instagram page -

Thank you!

robot blink
robot blink

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